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Nymphoides aquatica
Banana Plant

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This is one of the easiest plants to grow. I don't use CO2 and lighting is moderately bright. The banana plant continues to grow large leaves (up to 10 cm in diameter) with about 5 leaves per plant. My banana plants grow up to 40 cm and are nice plants for the middle or for filling in holes between other plants.

Contributed by Darius Starks

This is indeed a great plant. It is perhaps the hardiest plant I have ever come across. I have one that survived 24 hours outside of a tank and came back full force. I threw it back into the tank as an afterthought, thinking I would be fishing it back out again. To my surprise, it is one of the most vigourous plants in my tank. Every so often it will send up a shoot to the top. The longest shoot that I have removed was about 60 cm long. I highly recommend it to anyone. Just anchor it down so it can get a foothold, then enjoy.

Contributed by Gabe Reed

I would have to agree with Evane's comment, my banana plant had cool little leaves, like in the picture above, and then started shooting out leaves that made it to the top, like lily pads, and now, all of the leaves have disentigrated, except for one little one, close to the bananas. Maybe it will restart the cycle. Hopefully it will, because I've only got one of these plants.

Contributed by Nathan S.

After growing these in my indoor tank, I threw five of them into our lake (Atlanta area, USA) on a lark, to see if they would grow during the summer. Two years later the original five had covered OVER ONE ACRE, and survive the winter by dropping the bananas to the bottom, where they regenerate leaves in the Spring. Deer wallow around the lake edges up to their bellies to eat the floating leaves and bananas each Fall. It is one tough and adaptable plant!

Contributed by Tom Kowalski

One of the fastest growing plants that I have. I put the plant in my 200 liter 3 weeks ago with no leaves, just the bananas. I then had 5 leaves and a shoot growing out of one, which reached the top, but the water flow was too fast for the pad to open, so it grew longer to a calmer part of the water.

Contributed by John Furman

I'm just a novice, really, but loved the idea of a planted tank. I have no substrate (just largish gravel) and all my plants are just stuck in. In medium light, my two banana plants have gone mad, sending more than six shoots to the surface and beyond. I'd like to snip them back and have them re-shoot, but I'm not sure if that'll kill them or thrill them. These are an absolute hit with the family and a sure purchase for any novice.

Contributed by Andrew Cairns

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