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Ammannia gracilis
Pink Ammannia

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ammannia2.jpg (32kb)
Photo Credit: Raquel & Marcos

Name: Ammannia gracilis
Origin: Southern Africa

Care Gravel Light
Average Rich Bright


This is one of the most spectacular plants Iīve had the pleasure to know. Itīs rare pinkish-orange tone forms an incredible contrast, with both green and red plants. But it only maintains this color in aquariums with bright lighting and all else, otherwise the color becomes rather pale and yellow-green. But itīs not a difficult plant to keep, I won a tiny stem in a time when I didnīt even know what it was, and it survived unattended for several months under very unfavorable conditions, until I finally moved it to a decent setup and it literally took off. Nowadays I have several bundles spread throughout 3 tanks, and have even given a few cuttings to friends. Maybe the only 'negative' thing about this plant is that it grows rather large. Each stem becomes quite thick (~0,5 cm), the leaves are long (~8 cm) and it easily stretches higher than 40 cm, crossing the water surface without hesitation. So I wouldnīt recommend it for tanks smaller than about 100 L. Propagation is very easy, just cut a stem anywhere and replant it.

Contributed by Marcos Avila

Ammannia gracilis is a rather old plant in the aquarium hobby. With the requirements of growing bright red and it becoming rather large, many people aren't bothered growing this plant. It is quite easy to grow, but with high lighting, and high iron in the water, it will grow very bright red. I currently have one stem in my 50 cm cube with ADA soil (month dose with ADA Iron and Multi bottoms) and daily dose with Brightly K, special Brightly and seachem flourish. This plant is bright red. Very good for any size tank.

Contributed by Mango

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