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Anubias afzelii
Afzeli Anubias

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Photo Credit: Gianmarco Bertaccini

Name: Anubias afzelii
Origin: West Africa

Care Gravel Light
Easy Rich Any


This plant is very easy to care for. I did nothing, I just put it in the gravel and it grew. It is a very nice looking plant. My cichlids seem to leave this plant alone. I think it might taste bad to them.

Contributed by Lynsey

This plant is my absolute favorite Anubias species. Very pretty in just about any setup, tolerates even copious amounts of light, propagates very easily, not to mention the broad leaves are great for catfish. The only qualm I have for this plant is that it is a bit of a slow-grower, but nearly indestructable. It is also great in Cichlid setups. I have yet to see A. afzeli become a salad bar, and that's saying something. I would recommend this plant to anybody who needs a small midground plant, regardless of the actual setup. Really a wonderfully versatile species. If I can't kill it, it MUST be good! Oh, as a side note, the care is an absolute breeze. CO2 injection isn't necessary, pruning is a rare occurence, due to the slower-than-average growth of the plant, and there is really no detrimental effect to the aquarium. I have kept this species for five years and it has yet to lay siege to my setup.

Contributed by Taryl Davidson

It's a very easy and beautiful plant to look after. No special gravel needed, normal will do. Don't used bright light, because it tends to lighten up the leaves too much. Well that's what happened with my plant. All my fish leave it alone, so if you have any plant eater get this plant!

Contributed by Stephanie

I've kept this plant in bright light, no light, gravel, sand, and it is fine. Definitely a hardy plant. It is just as hardy as the Java Fern. The leaves rarely die. I usually find a dead leaf once a month. It can tolerate pH up to 8.0 because I have them in a Lake Malawi tank and they're fine.

Contributed by Barry

This is one of the most beautiful plants in my tank. It is extremely hardy and doesn't need additional CO2, at least in my case. I once went on vacation and left my aunt in charge of the tank and when I came back it was in ruins. The fish were OK, but the plants weren't as fortunate. Some plants are still recovering from the fiasco, but the anubias looked as if nothing happened to it over the 2 weeks and looked pretty much the same as when I left.

Contributed by Pedro

I came upon this little plant while I was driving around and happened to see someone's old 40 L tank setup out by a dumpster (aquarium radar, I can spot em anywhere lol). Well me being the addicted fish nut that I am, proceeded to load the tank and it's various equipment into my car. I took the tank home and left it outside for a couple days until I figured out what I wanted to do with it. When I went to clean out the very dry tank, I found a little nub of a plant under the gravel, no leaves or anything green, it looked like a plant bulb almost. I rinsed off the bulb and dropped it in a 75 L tank with 20 Watts from a cool white lightbulb, temp 26C and a few bettas (f); obviously nothing special. Not much happened for a couple of weeks and then one day I notice a little green showing sprouting from one end of the rhizome, within a month I had a leaf. It's been about 6 months now since I saved that little plant, it now lives in my 75 L long planted tank with much better lighting and fertilizer and is growing strong, it now has 7 leaves and is a beautiful little plant, highly recommended and practically indestructible.

Contributed by Jen

When I first bought this plant at my local Pet Club store, I tied it to wood using thread (like any other Anubias) in a tank for Southeast Asian fish (6.5 pH, very soft peat-filtered water and low flow). Unlike my Anubias barteri, it did not send out new roots or grow new rhizome, but rather languished and generally did not do well, until I removed the peat and began a regular water column macro/micro fertilizer dosing schedule. It nows seems to be holding its own and has even sent up 2 new leaves recently.

Contributed by Tom

Anubias afzelii is a great plant in the tank. The rich green colour of the leaves against some dark wood is beautiful. This was the first plant I planted in my tank. They are extremely slow growers but they seem to withstand almost anything! My Redtailed Sharks love them too.

Contributed by Remy Joseph

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