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Vesicularia ferriei
Weeping Moss

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Vesicularia_ferriei_1.jpg (47kb)
Photo Credit: Unissuh

Name: Vesicularia ferriei
Care GravelLight
Origin: China
Easy None Low


Weeping moss is an aesthetically pleasing moss that has recently become available. It is one of the few plants in the aquarium trade that actually droops downwards, grows relatively compact and dense without constant trimming, and perhaps most importantly, is extremely easy to care for. Quite commonly, although not always, sporophytes may develop in aquarium conditions. Weeping moss can tolerate very low lighting levels, or conversely, can handle high light levels given correct carbon and other nutrient sources. It definitely appreciates CO2 addition or Seachem Excel (which it tolerates quite well) as an alternative carbon source, and grows noticeably faster with either. With unbalanced nutrient levels, this moss may become smothered with algae and large sections may need to be trimmed, as it is also killed by spot dosing with Excel along with unwanted algae. Weeping moss can be distinguished from other mosses most easily by its characteristic 'weeping' growth pattern, however also typically has relatively smaller and rounder individual 'leaves' than other similarly structured mosses which may aid identification of smaller cuttings.

Contributed by Unissuh

I purchased some weeping moss a few months ago. It has done very well, I have a standard 120 cm T5 Floraglo light and this moss has taken over a nice rock outcropping like I wanted. The weeping attribute is very nice, good for driftwood or tall rocks for a cascading effect. Easy to maintain.

Contributed by Josh Panchision

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