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Salvinia cucullata
Asian Watermoss, Small Rat's Ear, Chok huu nuu

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Salvinia_cucullata_1.jpg (28kb)
Photo Credit: John Nakachima

Name: Salvinia cucullata
Care GravelLight
Origin: Tropical Asia
Medium None Bright


Wow, this is one fast-growing plant. I got mine by total accident, I originally believed it to be a dying leaves of my Glossostigma patch. Was I ever wrong. The floating bunch started out as about the size of a coin. Today I can't keep my 75 L clear of the stuff. But, even though it is a hard to prune plant, the watermoss is beautiful. Above it looks like miniature lily pads. Below the surface its long stringy roots hang down. Fish love hiding in the roots, and this has saved many a German Blue Ram baby. Great plant.

Contributed by Grayson Evans

This is the rarer one out of the Watermoss group and, although it does grow quickly, it's not as strong and big as Eared Watermoss. So I think people who want a strong, hardy floating plant should go for the Eared Watermoss instead of the Asian Watermoss.

Contributed by Josh White

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