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Salvinia auriculata
Eared Watermoss

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Salvinia_auriculata_1.jpg (22kb)
Photo Credit: Alexandre Pedroso

Name: Salvinia auriculata
Care GravelLight
Origin: Tropical Americas
Medium None Bright


It is a pretty plant that grows well, but if you want lower plants to thrive you must restrict the area it covers.

Contributed by David Marshall

These plants are really easy to have. The only thing they need is light and water. The Eared Watermoss floats on the surface of the water and they produce more of them in a reall short while. I put them in my Figting Fish breeding tank. The male will make his bubble nest around and underneathe the plant. The fry also like to hide in the plant's roots that danggle down in the water.

Contributed by Reez Faris

I have had a large comunity tank for some years now and I had tried many types of floating plants to fill the gaps. When I heard about this particular plant from a friend, I went out to buy one. What a puchase it came to be, easy maintenance, great for your babies to hide under, and most of all it looked great. I recommend this plant to anyone who wants a floating plant in their tank.

Contributed by Andrew Graham

This is a great plant for any aquarium and it is very easy to keep. I used to have a problem with plants, I found every time I put plants into my tank they were being eaten by my loaches. So I tried this watermoss and they don't touch it. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone.

Contributed by Josh White

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