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Rotala wallichii
Whorly Rotala

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Rotala_wallichii_1.jpg (23kb)
Photo Credit: Nathan Petrin

Name: Rotala wallichii
Care GravelLight
Origin: Southeast Asia
Hard Rich Bright


My personal experience with this plant showed that it was indeed difficult to keep. In a new tank with 0.8 W/L of lighting and CO2 injection, where all other species took off right away, my R. wallichii died. I believe this was mainly due to a higher sensitivity to the local water's pH and hardness which were high. But this is certainly a plant that's worth having and worth the effort of trying to offer ideal conditions...when healthy and growing well it has a very rare, beautiful color and texture, causing great impact on the aquascape.

Contributed by Marcos Avila

I agree that Rotala wallichii does have a rare and beautiful colour and texture, however I found it relatively easy to keep in a heavily populated community tank with moderate lighting and DIY CO2. The only problems I encountered were algae, which my SAE's took care of and a heat wave, which took care of nearly all of my plants! In the 8 months I had this species of plant it grew like crazy, however in my moderate lighting only the top 5 cm was the vibrant purple/red, the lower leaves remained green. I recommend this plant very highly. Try it in a tank with Didiplis diandra, the contrast really sets both species off.

Contributed by Ross Clark

I have this plant in a high tech planted tank, 0.9 W/L, CO2, and API Leaf Zone. It is a wonderful plant - I haven't had any problems at all. Lovely colours as well, great plant!

Contributed by Rowan

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