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Proserpinaca palustris
Mermaid Weed

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Proserpinaca_palustris_1.jpg (46kb)
Photo Credit: Tula Top

Name: Proserpinaca palustris
Care GravelLight
Origin: Cuba
Medium Rich Bright

My specimen is growing in a 40 liter aquarium. The pH is around 6.7, slightly soft water, usually elevated phosphates (but trying to get this under control) with very bright light, water fertilizers and a substrate made up of soil, clay, laterite, fertilizer sticks and a top layer of epoxy-coated gravel. The plant is not growing very fast but since I added very bright lighting, the upper leaves have grown reddish. Looks very nice that way. It's been in my tank for about 2 months now. I'm hoping that it will establish itself, become lush eventually. The distinguishing feature is the saw-tooth edges on the foliage. Mine are really prickly-looking, which I find just marvelous.

Contributed by Marc LeBlanc

Depending on your iron levels and the amount of lighting, Proserpinaca palustris can grow from a bright green in colour or it could go blood red. This stem plant is still high sought after because of its slow growing nature. Even under high lighting, pressurised CO2 and high level of fertilizers, this plant will grow rather slow compared to other stem plants. The good thing about the Proserpinaca palustris is it's very easy to propagate, usually through the cutting of the tops of the plant and replanting in the soil. Then the old stems will shoot a minimum of 2 new shoots. These new shoots will grow faster and the old shoots. Simply detach the new stems and replant.

Contributed by Stephen

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