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Nymphaea micrantha
Small-Flower Water Lily

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Nymphaea_micrantha_1.jpg (40kb)
Photo Credit: Fabian Kussakawa

Name: Nymphaea micrantha
Care GravelLight
Origin: Africa
Medium Rich Medium


I have had this growing in my tank for several months now. At first all the leaves rotted away, but not long after, several new shoots popped up. The plant is doing really good in my tank. I have 2.3 WPG and pretty hard water, CO2 injection and the occasional dosing; my substrate is clay. I have nearly killed this plant several times. I simply replanted the roots and a few days later there are several new shoots. The leaves are beautiful and my fish like to sleep on them. They do grow to the the top of the tank after a few weeks; trimming is a must. My personal experience says this plant is easy to care for.

Contributed by Bo Nyleen

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