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Najas guadalupensis
Southern Waternymph, Southern Naiad

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Najas_guadalupensis_1.jpg (23kb)
Photo Credit: Joseph S.

Name: Najas guadalupensis
Origin: South America

Care Gravel Light
Easy Plain Low


Najas is a great plant. It branches naturally without trimming and will eventually form large bunches of pleasing light green leaves in the aquarium. However, it will take over a tank in good conditions. In an aquascaped tank it is important to remove the cut pieces, otherwise they will drift to another part of the tank and start growing, eventually making it so that the tank no longer has a foreground! Najas is quite brittle and, especially if it is not doing well, will readily snap into pieces. This makes propagation very easy. This also means it is not suitable for tanks with fish that eat plants or fish that may trample it. Najas does best rooted, but will also grow when floating (often sending down roots from the top of the tank and eventually anchoring themselves). Najas is a great plant for breeding tanks and provides excellent cover for fry. Overall, a nice plant if you are not annoyed by how quickly it grows.

Contributed by Joseph S.

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