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Myriophyllum hippuroides
Western Milfoil, Western Watermilfoil

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Myriophyllum_hippuroides_1.jpg (22kb)
Photo Credit: Shawna McGregor-King

Name: Myriophyllum hippuroides
Origin: Central/North America

Care Gravel Light
Easy Fertile Bright


I have found this plant somewhat easy to grow. This plant can be stuck in the gravel or left free floating. It will grow very tall in a matter of days if given CO2 and fertilizers. The only problem I have had is if not given enough light the leaves shed and make a huge mess.

Contributed by Max Shahfer

This is the only plant that I can't seem to kill. :) Seriously, I have no CO2 and have it in tanks ranging from 20 L to 250 L, and it seems to take care of itself. I agree that it can get a little messy, and even clog intakes once the smaller branches start breaking off.

Contributed by Matt Smith

I have 2 bunches of western milfoil in my 60 L tank, they do very fine in my medium light tank with DIY CO2. My neon tetras and harlequin rasboras love to swim in and out of the forest. It grows quite fast, around 5 cm a week and I'll have to prune it soon. Great plant for beginners!

Contributed by Bing Chong

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