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Ludwigia glandulosa/perennis
Glandular Ludwigia, Cylindric Fruited Ludwigia

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Ludwigia_glandulosa_1.jpg (18kb)
Photo Credit: Tula Top

Name: Ludwigia glandulosa/perennis
Origin: North America

Care Gravel Light
Hard Rich Bright


This is a very beautiful plant, I had it in my 100 liter community tank with no CO2 and no gravel additives, just water fertilization. I believe it grew well this way because it has roots that grow out of the stem. It grows runners, mine had about one a week. Also, this plant is very hardy, I got rid of it in a spring in my back yard about a year ago. It made it through the drought and the snow. So now it's back in my tank.

Contributed by John Kelley

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