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Hygrophila polysperma 'Rosanervig'
Sunset Hygro

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Hygrophila_polysperma_Rosanervig_1.jpg (51kb)
Photo Credit: Marcos Avila

Name: Hygrophila polysperma 'Rosanervig'
Care GravelLight
Origin: Domestic Cultivar
Easy Plain Medium


This is a fantastic plant, especially for being one of the very rare red plants (or pink, in this case) that is truly easy to grow. Under optimal conditions it has the incredible growth speed of the wild H. polysperma, and develops this very interesting coloration, pinkish with characteristic light rib structure. Under medium lighting it grows slower and adopts a yellow-green tone with pinkish ribs, still interesting and eye-pleasing. Under lower lighting it still survives, but grows very little and ends up looking like the wild plant, almost without contrasting ribs. Depending on its position in the tank, you may even get all three types of leaves along different heights of the same stem!

Contributed by Marcos Avila

I bought some Hygrophila a few months ago and it tried to take over my tank. Pruning keeps it in check though. It gets leggy as it grows taller, so I would suggest pruning it back frequently to encourage side branches to form. It is a very lovely plant though.

Contributed by Kaja

The Sunset Hygro was the first plant added to my relatively young tank, and is still its only floral occupant. It was tiny and dull green when I first got it -- as a plant-lover, I can't tell you how pleased I was when my small Hygro began to flourish in my little tank! The combination of green and rosy-pink of the plant really do make it seem like a sunset is shining down on the plant. I often have to trim it back on a bi-monthly (sometimes weekly) basis, and have experimented growing the cuttings by simply placing them in a jar of normal, cold tap water (with a drop or two of water conditioner added for safe measures) and so far, they're also doing great! It's released many daughter plants which are doing brilliantly in my little tank/collection of jars sitting on various windowsills. My fish -- Corydoras catfish, Neon Tetras, and a male Betta -- all love this plant (the Corys use it as cover to hide under in the daytime, the Neons hide behind it when they want a break from chasing each other, and my big Betta 'sits' on it when he's not busy threatening his reflection). I'd highly recommend the lovely Sunset Hygro for any tank -- so long as you're prepared to prune it regularly, and sometimes ruthlessly.

Contributed by Caiti M

Ooh...the lovely sunset hygrophila. This plant is easy to grow, and the higher your lighting the more colour you will get out of it. Fast growing, elegant and easy to propagate by cuttings - 10/10!

Contributed by Rowan

I just recently got this plant for my 75 L tank. It truly is a beautiful plant, but when planting it, I had a little difficulty with the stems, which are very fragile and snapped a bit once or twice. Other than that, I'm looking forward to see it grow!

Contributed by Ali T.

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