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Heteranthera zosterifolia
Stargrass, Star Grass

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Heteranthera_zosterifolia_1.jpg (34kb)
Photo Credit: Jon

Name: Heteranthera zosterifolia
Origin: Brazil (Mato Grosso)

Care Gravel Light
Medium Rich Bright


This beautiful, bright green, fast-growing plant makes a great contrast to red plants in an aquarium. It requires strong light and frequent pruning in order to make sure enough light reaches the lower leaves or they will blacken and die. It puts out numerous water roots when growth begins in earnest.

Contributed by Travis Simonson

An easy plant to grow under moderate to high light. Under optimal condition this plant can become weed. Growth is constant and therefore weekly pruning is necessary to keep it under a certain size. Great plant to have for middle to background.

Contributed by Paul Chen

I aquired stargrass online, and I've had it for about 2 weeks now. Immediately it started getting very bushy and now is growing to the surface. This plant is easy, beautiful, and I definitely recommend it.

Contributed by Greg Lowman

I have got a Myriophyllum hippuroides in my tropical plant/tetra tank. This is a very beatiful plant. Mine plant's color is green-red. Tetras are swimming and breeding in this plant.

Contributed by Onur G. HÝTÝT

Heteranthera is the most amusing plant that has ever been in my aquariums. It's form is like pinetree shaped leaves having light green colour. Under suitable conditions Heteranthera grows really fast, and needs to be regularly pruned in order not to shade shorter plants in the tank. Depending on the fertilizers and lighting, this plant either reaches the top of water surface or lies down through gravel. Generally it is a very easy plant to grow. I've been keeping Heteranthera in my 180 L Low-Tech tank for more than a year without adding any CO2 and chemicals with success. In case sudden light lacking, leaves can be melt and eaten by fishes. By increasing lighting time and/or Watts, this problem can be easily eliminated.

Contributed by Mehmet SAVASKAN

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