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Hemianthus callitrichoides
Hemianthus 'Cuba', HC

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Hemianthus_callitrichoides_1.jpg (58kb)
Photo Credit: Reinaldo Uherara

Name: Hemianthus callitrichoides
Care GravelLight
Origin: Cuba
Hard Rich Bright


I have grown HC Cuba successfully and the info that I am sharing is from my experience. This may or may not work out for you as every one of us have different conditions inside our tanks. HC Cuba is surely one of the smallest and cutest plant in the aquarium hobby. It is less demanding than Glossostigma or hairgrass. It spreads through extended shoots under gravel, under water. Little flowers bloom in case of emersed growth. Give it fresh water through regular water change as it is generally found near streams, meaning moving water. It does not really need high light as per my experience and can be easily termed as a medium light plant. Just plant them on a fertile bed and do regular water change and keep light within 0.4-0.5 W/L.

Contributed by Debarghya Sengupta

HC cuba is a relatively easy plant to find and to grow. One important thing I should mention is that for HC to grow you must have bright lights. For the expected green foliage you must add potassium fertilizer, or else the leaves will turn a yellow to a transparent color and will eventually die. CO2 is a must. I use DIY and that works very well, I also use a knock-off ADA diffuser for the CO2.

Contributed by bob

I have found this plant to be much easier to grow than I was lead to believe. In my low light 40 L it does well. It doesn't spread very quickly but over time it has formed a very low, dense carpet. In my medium/high light 100 L with pressurized CO2, it grows very quickly but the leaves are bigger. Trimming it consistently after it carpets creates a much denser carpet that is more pleasing to me. This is a plant to be very patient with. Other than that, it has worked well in all situations with me.

Contributed by Matt

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