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Didiplis diandra
Water Hedge

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Didiplis_diandra_2.jpg (17kb)
Photo Credit: Enrico Monteiro

Name: Didiplis diandra
Origin: North America

Care Gravel Light
Hard Fertile Bright


This is not a very tolerant plant but it's definitely worth trying to keep. Didiplis diandra is a relatively small, delicate plant that can be used to great effect as a small bundle in the middle to front of an aquarium. The color can vary from dark to bright green, shifting towards red at the top with good lighting. The unique cross-shaped pattern that the leaves form as they grow is very interesting and stands out very well against other more rounded-leaf plants, carpets, rocks, and so on. Under the right conditions it will also grow lots of very small, pinkish flowers at the base of the leaves, you may even be tricked into thinking you have some kind of snail infestation! You can propagate it like other stem plants, just cut the stem and replant it in the substrate.

Contributed by Marcos Avila

Despite what I've heard about this plant being delicate and difficult to grow, I've had nothing but great luck with it so far. I keep it in my African cichlid tank and the fish completely ignore it. It is kept under bright (0.9 W/L) light with CO2 and it is growing at nearly 2 cm/week with beautiful bright green coloration and orange shoot tips.

Contributed by Travis Simonson

I found this plant easy to grow, I have medium light (0.75 W/L), CO2 injection and bog standard gravel and it is growing 1 cm every 2 weeks.

Contributed by Andrew Beer

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