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Cryptocoryne undulata
Undulated Crypt, Alligator Weed

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Cryptocoryne_undulata_1.jpg (26kb)
Photo Credit: Tula Top

Name: Cryptocoryne undulata
Care GravelLight
Origin: Sri Lanka
Easy Rich Medium


This plant is extremely easy to maintain and works great as a foreground plant in tanks with good lighting. Establishes itself in a hurry and starts putting out runners almost immediately. The DIY CO2 is a great help and once I started using it, there was a very obvious increase in growth rate. The leaves vary in color from green to brown on the same plant. Highly recommended for new setups and people who don't want to spend too much time caring for plants.

Contributed by Amaey Mundkur

Undulatus is a wonderful Crypt. This is a middle height plant that can be used as front-mid for decorating aquariums. It can be used as more backsided if the tank is rather shallow. Undulatus is an easy-care plant. It needs only enough space to spread. Older plants will be lying on the gravel so that it will be shading more smaller plants if they exist under it. Also, care should be taken with water changes, Undulatus doesn't melt totally like Balansae, but sometimes excessive water changes may result in old leaves to melt suddenly. It propagates like almost all other Cryptos: by baby rooting through main body. Only a few months are necessary after planting in its new place to give baby plants. I have this plant nearly for 4 years without any problem under Low-Tech conditions. Its shiny dark coloured leaves are good to make contrasts with light green and smaller types of Cryptocorynes.

Contributed by Mehmet Savaskan

This plant is the best to have. I have an impression for this plant that it can never die. I am a planted tank beginner so I make quite a lot of mistakes and killed many plants, but the bunch of undulated crypts I bought last year that lose all their leaves frequently are still growing new leaves. The light level for this plant is limited, because algae will take over its leaves and block light if grown in levels higher than 0.8 Watts per liter. It grows very slowly, mine at less than optimal conditions finishes growing a leaf in one and a half weeks. I did notice that it really stays strong once rooted firmly. Mine never loses any leaves even if I do 60% water change. One last thing, whenever regenerating leaves, it only sprouts small green leaves, followed by bigger reddish brown ones later on.

Contributed by Calvin

I'm very bad at keeping plants. My planted tank either has too much or too little light, too many or too few fish, very little to no fertilizer, and I've managed to systematically kill almost every plant I introduce into this tank in a matter of months. I've had hair algae, and African cichlids and snails and everything I never should have had in this tank. Through it all the only two things that have stayed in it the last three years since I started this tank has been the Cryptocoryne undulata. I've killed Java fern, Java moss, and broad leaf anubias. This plant has not only survived, it has thrived in each and every situation. When I had a take over of duck weed blocking light it survived. I guess that is all I'm trying to say. If in doubt buy one of these in decent condition and you'll have a friend for a long time.

Contributed by Joseph Kelly

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