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Blyxa japonica
Blyxa Japonica

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Photo Credit: Reinaldo Uherara

Name: Blyxa japonica
Origin: Ásia

Care Gravel Light
Hard Rich Bright


Great plant that is actually a stem plant from Japan. Easy to grow under moderate to high light; 0.6 - 0.7 W/L with CO2 injection would bring out its best growth.

Contributed by Paul Chen

I've had great success with this little plant! It's fussy, so give it at least 0.7 W/L and CO2 (DIY is fine for tanks under 150 L). I fertilize it with iron and flourite, but it will grow without these additions. When it does grow well, it thrives; it's bright vibrant green, it grows in thick bushy clumps and it looks fabulous. It will develop side stems, so propagation is relatively easy. I prefer this plant as a fore- to midground plant, tightly clumped and covering the front half of a tank.

Contributed by Zoe Stevens

Blyxa japonica seems to be an easy plant to grow. I currently have it under high lighting and in another tank with no heater and filter. Grows very well. Will stay green but until I add iron liquids and iron bottom ferts. Grows blood red. But with iron it will grow green.

Contributed by Mango

I have found this plant to be finicky. I have it in a 180 L aquarium with 0.5 Watts per liter and pressurized CO2 and it does not grow very well. I dose Estimative Index style and do 30% weekly water changes. Mine seems to like to hug the substrate and turn red with short leaves. This may be due to the fact that I have inert substrate, but it still does this with root tabs. Hard plant for me to grow.

Contributed by Tyler Hedrick

If you want this plant to grow well, CO2 and good lighting are essential. I have 2 T5 tubes on my 215 L tank along with CO2 injection and regular addition of liquid fertiliser and this plant grows absolutely superbly. I have also experimented and found that tablet fertiliser is not needed for this plant as it grows just as well without it.

Contributed by Oscar Alston

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