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Blyxa echinosperma
Blyxa Echinosperma

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Blyxa_echinosperma_1.jpg (23kb)
Photo Credit: Flavia Carvalho

Name: Blyxa echinosperma
Care GravelLight
Origin: Asia
Hard Rich Bright


I purchased this plant when I first set up my aquarium. It has done fantastic. I am amazed how big it has gotten. I makes a nice bushy clump which I have in the front of my tank. I like the lush green leaves. I recommend this plant!

Contributed by Richard Nix

I have this plant and, although it started out small at about 10 cm, it can grow to about 45 cm (if not for me trimming it). It certainly grows huge and can tolerate medium to lower levels of light. I recommend it as a background specimen, but do take into account that it grows tall and a bit wider too.

Contributed by Daniel A.

I find this plant very easy to keep after a healthy specimen is obtained from a LFS. Do not fall into temptation of buying weak ones, despite its lack of availability. One thing important to this plant is rich substrate. I did not find lighting or CO2 very important because I have a few healthy specimens growing in my fish bowl placed next to a frost window with none of the mentioned. Very nice plant indeed.

Contributed by Stepheus

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