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Corydoras elegans
Elegant Cory

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Corydoras_elegans_1.jpg (21kb)
Photo Credit: Alex Wise

Name: Corydoras elegans
Size TankpHTemp
Origin: Upper Amazon Basin
5 cm 50 L 6.8 25C


Corydoras elegans is a beautiful species of corydoras. Highly active fish, I have noticed it seems to prefer sand over gravel to the extent that it will rarely touch down on gravel. In its previous tank, my C. elegans were living on fairly smooth gravel. However, they chose to hover over the gravel, rest in plants or on top of a pot or wood than to set down in the gravel. In the new tank which has sand, I have watched them still hover but more often than not they are in the sand digging for some tubifex worms. Fine silica sand in my experience is their preference, I have half play sand and half silica and they hang out on the silica more often.

Sexing is fairly straight forward with C. elegans. Males tend to be far more bright and vibrant with the markings and like most corydoras species, are smaller and thinner compared to the larger and more robust female. They lay eggs in the same manner as other corydoras species, on the glass or on plant leaves.

Extremely peaceful, mine will back away from C. habrosus that are after the same shrimp pellet but will hold their ground against an overly aggressive mother apisto if she thinks they are too close to her spawning site. I have not noticed them swimming to the surface to grab a breath of air like I have seen C. aeneus and C. habrosus do. They should be kept in schools of at least 4: the more you have the more active they will be.

I keep them with tetras, pencilfish, apistogramma, other cories, bristle nose pleco and bettas without any issues. These are a perfect community fish, like most cories. They share the same foods as their tankmates, mine will eat tubifex worms, bloodworms, brine shrimp and any other treat if they get the chance, but as a staple they get shrimp pellets.

Contributed by Alex Wise

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