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Corydoras ambiacus
Ambiacus Cory, Spotted Cory

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Corydoras_ambiacus_1.jpg (17kb)
Photo Credit: Daniel Kucera

Name: Corydoras ambiacus
Size TankpHTemp
Origin: Upper Amazon Basin
7 cm 75 L 7.0 24C


The patterns of this fish vary so much that it's hard to give a precise description of its appearance, but usually they will tend to have a large, black spot on the dorsal fin and many other various sized spots all over their bodies. They are a good community fish that love to surf through the substrate for food, but tend to be more shy than most Cories when they aren't in a shoal of at least 4-5 of their same kind. They eat just about all live, frozen, and flake foods. Breeding is relatively easy as they usually lay their eggs on the glass.

The different patterns and varieties of this fish make it that much more beautiful to the hobby and they are a great Cory to keep in a community aquarium. I had 2 of these energetic little guys and they were always either swimming in unison with each other hunting for food, or hiding in my tall plants. An extremely fun fish to watch.

Contributed by Daniel Kucera

I love my corys. I have 22 in all: 4 albino, 10 bronze, 4 pandas, 2 peppers and 1 spotted. He is very shy, being all by himself. My corys share their 290 L tank with a pleco and 9 fancy tailed goldfish. I can spend hours watching their antics. Quite peaceful and no fighting even between themselves.

Contributed by Martha Leslie

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