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Aplocheilichthys normani
Norman's Lampeye Killi

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Aplocheilichthys_normani_1.jpg (19kb)
Photo Credit: Walther

Name: Aplocheilichthys normani
Size TankpHTemp
Origin: Africa
4 cm 40 L 6.8 24C


The name 'lampeye' is from the color of the upper eye portion, which is a bright iridescent blue. An awesome fish from Africa, it is a very small fish, not exceeding 5 cm. I keep a small group of ten in a well-planted 32 L Ebi containing nana, African fern, and some floating plants. I feed them Piscine Energetics mysis shrimp and a mixture of several types of flakes, which they eat without discrimination. I try to feed small portions throughout the day. A very peaceful fish that does well in a community of other quiet species. I've seen some bickering between the individuals, but I have never seen any sort of damage. I've been told spawning is easy, but have yet to see eggs or fry in my tank (not really trying to breed them). Great addition to a peaceful community tank.

Contributed by Koshy George

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