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Otocinclus sp.(2)
Zebra Oto

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zebraoto1.jpg (14kb)
Photo Credit: Ophie

Name: Otocinclus sp.(2)
Origin: Peru

Size Tank pH Temp
4 cm 40 L ? ?C


Just as active and colourful as regular otos. Good cleaner and does not like bright places to rest, so provide cover. Excellent community fish.

Contributed by a visitor

This is one of my newest additions to a tank of cichlids, plecos, and sharks. I love them! A lot of fun to watch and constantly cleaning. One has taken a liking to my banded peckoltia pleco (they look alike).

Contributed by a visitor

I have had this fish for 6 months now and it does a very good job of the algae in the tank. Mine have bred in a 60 cm tank and the fry and going along fine. These are a very good beginner fish as they are very strong and can take the roughest conditions. I have had mine in with bristlenose and fueleborni's and they leave each other alone. These are a great fish and I recommend them to anyone.

Contributed by Mike Tyssen

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