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Nimbochromis (Haplochromis) venustus

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I have one large Venustus in a 200 liter tank with a variety of other Cichlids. As soon as he started to display his breeding colors he became very aggressive. He killed two other cichlids in my tank almost immediately, one a smaller African cichlid, the other a larger variety. An Orange Chromide that I had to remove from the tank lost an eye to him as well. He tried to bully my Plecos and he chews on their large algae pellets. I've had a very hard time finding fish to add to my tank that would get along with him.

Contributed by Alysson

I have a beautiful male venustus, bright yellow with a blue head. I got him as a company for my lonely female. He grew bigger than her in a short time and now he is the biggest in the tank. Unfortunately he doesn't care about the female. Instead he and my dominant male red zebra get along just fine and does a dance routine under the root almost every day... I guess he prefers Pink (as the male red zebras name is). He is also very hungry and tries to eat everything that drops down in the tank. Pretty fish! =)

Contributed by Lina

I know some people say peacock cichlids aren't tough, but my fish is a huge exception. I have him with mbunas and he is the king of the tank. At 20 cm long he is the biggest fish. He knows he's much stronger than those mbunas, and he lets them know it on a regular basis. He's killed both of my demason's cichlids. I'm thinking of adding more fish to keep the anger down. Keepers beware, this fish can be aggressive.

Contributed by Reggie

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