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Uaru amphiacanthoides
Uaru, Waroo

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Photo Credit: Jeff Rapps

I agree with the comments above.- My group of 5 Uaru amphiacanthoides are wild caught from Rio Nhamunda in Brazil. I hold them in biotope-like water, that means the pH must be 5.5-6.8, never over pH 7.0! The hardness maximum 8°dH. Temperature minimum 27°C, very good biological (N-bacteria!) filtration is essential. They need nessessarily plenty of smooth root-wood, which will be eaten in addition to spinach, green salads, shrimp, gnat larvae and even flake-food or granules. Under these conditions, one of my couples is spawning every 2-3 weeks. But the male is unfortunately a notorious spawn-eater, so that I'm still waiting for babies!

Contributed by Joachim Koenecke

I have 2 Uaru's also, they're about 20 cm long and typically Uaru-ish, sporting all the characteristics of other people's above. My main point to put across is that when I first had them, they kept laying down and turning black and sulking. I called the pet store twice for help after I bought them and they said they would settle down eventually. I was getting quite worried and decided to put them into my second tank. Both tanks are large, but the difference with this one is that it has black gravel. 'So what?' - you might think, but they completely transformed and have been swimming freely ever since. They look really happy :-)

Contributed by Mandy

I have had Waroos for over a year now and they are very friendly fish. They follow me as I move in the room. Romaine lettuce is their food of choice. They will devour a leaf right before your eyes! When they are young they are spotted, but they develop a solid green body with a dark green to black stripe the length of their body. Their eyes also turn a deep red, which is stunning. I have had no health trouble with this species.

Contributed by Dennis Dolezal

I have reared at least 10 waroos, some for our local Aquarium and for myself, one of which we named Cheeky. The thing is she is about 35 cm and very chicky. She likes to throw over ornaments, plants, tug at filter pipes and the ultimate is that she cannot stand me, the hand that feeds her. It's no matter to me, I love her all the same, wonderful fish to have in a community tank or even with Discus.

Contribuído por Jenny Ferreira

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