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Cichlasoma trimaculatum (Amphilophus trimaculatus)
Three-Spot Cichlid, Trimac

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Photo Credit: Jeff Rapps

My trimac lives in a 300 L with a buttikoferi and a red devil. They are about two years old now. He is definitely the dominant fish in the tank and he makes sure they always know it when feeding time comes around. I have to trick him to the other side of the tank by tempting him with food, so that I can feed the others. He has even drawn blood on my knuckle when I was rearranging the tank. He has a personality, that's for sure. However, he is the first fish to show any stress when the tank is being drained, cleaned, or if the filters are off so that I can clean them. He is very sensitive to any lack of oxygen in the water.

Contributed by Eric Asch

I keep an 20 cm Trimac in a 400 L tank with a 25 cm oscar and a 23 cm Tilapia buttikoferi. I used to have a convict, a jack dempsey and 2 jewel cichlids, but as they all grew my Trimac began to get more and more agressive, until he killed them all. He still tries to attack my other fish at feeding time, but they defend themselves and he backs down because they are larger. He is still the most agressive fish in the tank though. This is nastiest fish I've ever kept and I've got three 400 L tanks full of cichlids, including Mbuna. I would recommend keeping these fish on their own or with other large aggressive cichlids. He has attacked my hand during cleaning on numerous occasions, drew blood and it hurts.

Contributed by Steven Brennan

I keep a 28 cm and a 19 cm Trimac in a 650 L tank with a 22 cm Oscar, 20 cm Festae, 20 cm Green Terror, 15 cm Jaguar, 25 cm Black Shark, 40 cm Pleco and a group of small 10 cm convicts. The convicts contantly hide and swim away from the larger Trimac and the Festae. The Black Shark had been the dominant fish in the tank since I set it up and chases all the other fish around. But as the Trimac has gotten bigger he is getting more and more aggressive, and now is constantly fighting with the Black Shark. This has provoked the Festae and Oscar, which now also fight with the Black Shark. So now the Shark has half a tail fin and a few big chunks out of its side, but is still the boss of the tank. I don't know how long that will last though.

Contributed by Nick Henning

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