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Barbonymus schwanenfeldii
Tinfoil Barb

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Photo Credit: Cichlid Scene

I have 3 tinfoils in a 400 L tank. Great fish, striking to look at. These fish are very active and are always up to something. Great fun to watch. Greedy fish which will eat pretty much anything you give them and they never seem to want to stop eating. These fish grow fast as long as they're fed the proper foods. I recommend them to anyone wanting easy and fascinating fish to keep. But you do need a large tank to keep them in. Recommend getting 3 or more as they are a shoaling fish and are a lot happier with others around them, as they are always playing together.

Contributed by Richard Vernon

These fish are a great fish, as long as you have a tank bigger than 300 liters. I just got a 450 liter tank and I bought these amazing fish. At first they just played dead at the bottom of the tank, but after that things were fine. They go perfectly with my oscar, pleco and silver arowana. These fish don't mind any water conditions as long as the water quality is kept good. They also happily feed on bloodworm, daphia and floating pellets. A great fish for large tanks. Just be aware that these fish love to jump, so have a tight fitting lid on your tank!

Contributed by Angelo Charalambous

Update on my 3 tinfoil barbs: They now live in a 800 liter aquarium alone. The aquarium is layered with live plants and a big thing of drift wood. I locked them up alone because they killed my 20 cm, 6 year old bristle nose cat! They are a wonderful fish and eat about 5 gold fish every couple days. I plan on putting in an oscar with these guys in a few weeks to spice up the aquarium a little bit.

Contributed by Jagular

My name is Joshua and I own a large school of 7 tinfoil barbs. They are in the vicinity of 33 cm each and school in a 4000 liter tank. I've had the odd spawn, but of course the eggs are eaten up quickly (thank god, I really don't want babies floating around). I've had them since they where about 17-20 cm in length. These fish can be aggressive when older (about 25 cm) and will wipe out smaller fish, such as most danios and rasboras. I suggest them to anyone as long as you have a tank acceptable to their adult size.

Contributed by Mark Hayford

I have 5 tin foil barbs in a tank with a black shark and some other smaller fish. It's best to get them young so that you can firstly watch them grow and secondly introduce them to other fish, which they will not eat when they get older. It is best to get at least 3 tin foil barbs because they are schooling fish and need company. These fish eat anything, from your average fish flake and blood worms to pieces of lettuce. They are mostly vegetable eaters, so live plants are not a good idea if you still want to see them the next morning.

Contributed by Dharashan Naidu

I just purchased 3 tinfoil barbs and have been pleased with their adaption to my new aquarium. I have introduced them with a Midas cichlid and 2 plecos and they all are doing great. The barbs are very active and are quite acrobatic when feeding. My tank also has live aquatic plants and they seem to enjoy schooling around the plants. What a pleasure they are!

Contributed by Ryland Foster

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