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Barbonymus schwanenfeldii
Tinfoil Barb

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Photo Credit: Cichlid Scene

These fish do best in schools of at least 4, but can be kept singly. They need a tank of at least 300 litres. They should be fed green foods. They are mainly peaceful, but can take care of themselves.

Contributed by Alex Kantor

I got one a couple of weeks ago. He's in a 200 L on his own at the moment, but I'm getting an oscar and a plec. He is about 7 cm at the moment. He recognizes me already and when I go in my room he goes crazy swimming around the front glass, especially if he's hungry. After only two weeks he already eats out of my hand.

Contributed by Gail Mcmahon

My two Dollars are getting on well with my 2 Tin Foils and Tiger Oscar. The Oscar is about 12 cm, the Dollars and Tin Foils are about 10 cm. I have got them all in a 300 L tank with two clown Loaches and I have not had a problem with any of them at all.

Contributed by Antony Siddall

I have 2 beautiful tins called Lacy and Betty. And they live in a tank with a Convict and a Firemouth and they all get a long so well. I have to feed them everything but my thumb and forefinger. But the Twins do sometimes like to be alone to play and folic for food.

Contributed by (no name given)

I have 1 tinfoil and 2 albino tinfoil barbs. These fish are always schooling and are impossible to separate. These wonderful fish live in a 1200 liter tank and eat live gold fish out of my hand. At this time they're 40 cm and are very tame. I've lost a couple thanks to jumping out of the tank, this time the lid's screwed down. :)

Contributed by Jagular

My son bought two tinfoil barbs yesterday, so far they have destroyed his 160 liter tank. The weed has gone and so have one of his large angel fish. The other I managed to rescue with only some damage to its fins. We have found them very aggressive, and yes they do come to the front of the tank when we approach, but only to size us up for lunch. I would not suggest these fish for a beginner, or anyone who thinks that looking into an aquarium is restful. These ones are about 23 cm long.

Contributed by Kay

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