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Puntius tetrazona
Tiger Barb, Sumatra Barb

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Photo Credit: Flavio Carvalho

I have 5 Tigers and they seem very happy just to play amongst themselves. There are 2 distinct shapes: 3 are slightly more bulbous (for want of a better word) and I assume these are the egg-laden females. The most fantastic thing about these fish in my tank is the ability to interact with them, they will chase a finger on the glass and on the occasions I have had an arm in my tank (180 L) to trim plants or retrieve the rock I tie Zuchinni to (for my Pleco, Bristle nose, Kuhli Loaches and Skunk Loaches). The Barbs nibble at the freckles on my arm, and here I was thinking fish were unable to be interacted with.

Contributed by Andrew Baird

The first fish in my new 120 liter tank were seven Tiger Barbs. I now have only three because of two very aggressive males that persistantly chased and nipped the others into the corners of the tank and deep into the plants for cover. Two of the smaller ones died and I decided it was best to remove the males to preserve the peace in the tank. The three that remain are ideal community fish. They forge endlessly through the thick growth of plants looking for food (these fish love lots of plants) and occasionally swim into the open areas to school and play chase with the four lemon tetras in the tank now. Although I love the Tiger Barbs in my tank now, I will not attempt to replace any that are missing because their temperament varies so much from fish to fish. If these fish are destined to a community tank, extreme caution is in order and a good bit of luck as well. Any aggressive fish can destroy a community tank in no time by frightening the occupants into hiding or killing them. It's not worth the risk to me and the trouble of netting one or two of the nasty ones out of a well planted tank. I would recommend using a smaller holding tank to sort the more docile fish from the pack before putting any Tiger Barb in a community tank.

Contributed by Andy Walker

I have a 100 litre tank which housed thirty neon tetras and 4 silver sharks. I bought ten tiger barbs and two green tiger barbs, hoping that they would keep themselves occupied as other peoples comments suggest, but within the space of two days they had eaten their way through every tetra in the tank. They are beautiful fish and the most active but be careful they are wolves in striped clothing!

Contributed by Andrew Brown

I have 6 tiger barbs, 5 bala sharks, 4 clown loaches, 1 red tail shark, and a corydoras. The tiger barbs think they own the tank. They nip at my bala's, they nip at my loaches and they even nip at my poor corydoras. The only fish they do not bother is my red tail shark. I like these fish, but I'm not sure how much longer I can tolerate them.

Contributed by Doug Howard

I have 3 regular tiger barbs and 2 green tiger barbs and they are just great. I think they are a lot of fun to care for. They make great beginner fish because they are very hardy and don't take too much care, as long as you have the right filtration. I think that having fish is very soothing and I firmly believe it has helped me cope with school and helped me do better with homework. All and all I think tiger barbs are great fish.

Contributed by a visitor

I had 6 Tiger Barbs and they would swim around my 75 liter tank like a train. For a while they got along with the other fish, until they created a liking to my Betta and I had to take him out. They truly do like to nip at long-finned fish like other people have said, but I thought I was safe having 6 of them. I'm sad to say I had a disease go through and since I'm just a beginner who is 15 I lost all but two. One of them I can't find. He must of jumped out and my dog ate him. But the one I have left is very healthy and happy with my tetras, loaches and zebra danios.

Contributed by a visitor

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