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Puntius tetrazona
Tiger Barb, Sumatra Barb

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Photo Credit: smallfry

I have been keeping fish for almost two years now, and have experimented with many different species. The Tiger Barb has been my ultimate favorite over everyone else. Back this year during spring break I bought a cute pair of Tiger Barbs and introduced them into my community tank of 5 platies, three neons and two bloodfin tetras. Many people say that they are aggressive towards other fish. This is quite an undeserved reputation for mine. Although the pair nipped and played games with each other, I rarely found a frayed fin on any one else. Sadly, though the female passed away and left her mate solely stranded. When I went to fish out the body, He was chasing away the other fish from eating her and even began to attack the net! Since her death, he's begun to school with the tetras, and has never attacked anyone. Tiger Barbs really ought not to be left out because they are semi-aggressive. When put with compatible mates like tetras and the like, they really are an outstanding joy!

Contributed by Black Wolf

I added 6 Tiger Barbs to my 100 liter tank which already had 6 Black Skirt Tetras, 2 Dwarf Gouramis, 1 Spotted Raphael Catfish and 2 Apple Snails. So far the Tiger Barbs seem to be quite content. There has been no fin nipping and they have quickly grown and increased in beauty. They are an enjoyable fish (when kept in a school of 5 or more).

Contributed by Kurt Steele

I have just started off on this fine hobbie and have just been out to purchase my first fish, when my wife and I were in the fish shop looking at fish it was the Tiger barbs that caught our eye! We new little about them so bought two to start off with. When we got home to our 40 litre hand made aquarium we let them loose watching as there investigated every inch. It was a laugh, then within 5 minutes they started to nip 1 more than the other. I decided to investigate here about them as a species, what you have all wrote has led me to decide that I will get one more barb and 3 Zebra danios and see how they get on. I will keep you all posted on the outcome.

Contributed by Geordie T

I have 6 albino tiger barbs and 2 green barbs in a planted tank with 2 cories, 2 dwarf gourami and 1 algae eater. The barbs were the first residents in that tank. When I first introduced the baby cories into that tank 2 weeks ago, the barbs were curious about them and one of the baby cories got his fin nipped. But now they leave the cories alone. The 2 dwarf gouramies were put into the tank just yesterday. Unfortunately the barbs were curious and nipped them too.

Contributed by Jinghong Ma

I have got a tank with black piranhas and now and then it's good for them if they can eat live fish. Usually I use some goldfish for that purpose, but last week my local petstore had a disease in their goldfish tank, so I did not want to take the risk of bringing that disease into my own tank. Instead of the goldfish I bought 5 young Tiger Barbs (only 3-4 cm) and put them in the piranha tank, expecting them not to last very long so to speak. Now, one week later I have a piranha and Tiger Barb tank, instead of just a piranha tank. My now on average 20 cm sized piranhas that are normally fed with chopped beef heart and live goldfish did not touch the Tiger Barbs at all, and the Barbs are not showing any sign of fear and swim right next to the piranhas and not only as a group of five but also alone. So I decided to let them all be and stay tankmates from now on, but every time when someone comes over to my place and I show them my piranha tank and I tell them about the "dangers" and special precautions that I have to take when dealing with my tank, it looks really stupid that there are five 3-4 cm little fishes swimming around my piranhas like they own the place. The Tiger Barbs do have one really great advantage for piranha owners and other fishkeepers that feed their fishes raw meat: little pieces of meat that are left behind on the bottom of your tank that start to rot are all eaten by the Tiger Barbs, so if Tiger Barbs survive in your tank like they do in mine you don't have to clean the bottom of your tank after every feeding anymore. So I agree with the majority of the comments on this great site: Tiger Barbs rule! (at least in my tank...)

Contributed by Edwin Coenen

My experiences with tiger barb (green) has been a positive one. I have a 300 liter community tank with Tin-foil, checker-board, gold barbs, some rainbow sharks, clown loaches, australian rainbows, and some algae eaters. These fish I have found to be very active. They occasionally go after some of the other fish, but with so many other fish, they seem to be content wrangling among themselves. I most recently acquired 3 neon blue tigers. They are similar to green tigers, but the vertical bands on them are a pale blue (hopefully darkening with age).

Contributed by Larry Martin

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