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Puntius tetrazona
Tiger Barb, Sumatra Barb

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Photo Credit: Marcos Avila

I have 4 Tiger Barbs and 2 Green ones. Talk about clowns. Everytime it's feeding time and they´re really hungry, they won't eat until I put a finger in and they chew that first. They act like they´re so tough. When I clean the tank they try to bite at the food in the tube and even bite me the whole time I'm in there trying to move rocks and clean up after them. They love whole waterfleas and if you get the waterfleas named Tetra Nature's Delica that aren't watered down but are a gel, watch them shove the food into their mouth, pigs! They are also very particular about their surroundings. Anything moved a millimeter out of it's position and they know. I have a biowheel in the tank and they've been trying to move it to get the bacteria out, only one Green Tiger Barb did this and they tried to chew it for 10 minutes until I took it away. They also have their favorite rock. If I even touch it the biggest male goes bright orange and nips me the whole time. Picky fish but the funniest to get in all of the species!

Contributed by T. Macumber

I used to have Tiger Barbs in a 150 liter tank. I originally had 3 or 4 of them and they kept dying on me. I than read an article that said Tiger Barbs have a hierarchy and that it´s best to have large groups of them, so each Tiger Barb will be able to spread his aggression out on more fish. I got 8 Tiger Barbs in my tank and they survived for nearly two years before one of them died.

Contributed by Michael Trask

I have a 75 L tank with three Green Barbs. I did have five. One died after a tail injury that caused it to swim akwardly. The other found its way into a hole under some of my rocks. Be careful with these fish. I have found that only a Parrot Fish can keep them in line. Also, do not keep them with Neons, they are slow and will be eaten.

Contributed by Robert Denemark

I have 3 tiger barbs together with 3 green tiger barbs which I introduced with my resident 3 clown loaches and they seem to be very good companions. The loaches seem to like to swim with the tiger barbs because of the similar stripes.

Contributed by Ko Barclay

We just put a school of 6 of these in my son's tank. 3 Green, and 3 Regular. They've been there for about 3 weeks. They're constantly on the move. We have 3 Corydoras hasbrosus in this tank, which never get nipped, and 2 Otocinclus affinis, as well. Everyone's getting along swimmingly right now. I've noticed the Tigers will eat ANYTHING that gets tossed into the tank. This is a lovely feature! Easily fed fish are my favorites. They will also eat without stopping, so a person who keeps these fish MUST be careful not to overfeed them! Tiger Barbs are wonderful fish. They just need to have the proper housing and tank mates.

Contributed by Shawna

My experience with tiger barbs is that, when kept in a decent size group (I have 7) they will not bother other fish. I'll qualify that by stating that I don't have any long-finned species such as angels or bettas in there with them, but I do keep them with swordtails, corys, neon tetras, danios and a pleco. The only time I've seen any aggressive tendencies from them was when I initially added my 3 swords. The tiger barbs went after them briefly but did no damage and have not harrassed them since. When I added my neons, the tigers didn't bother them at all, perhaps because they couldn't catch them. I think tiger barbs are fantastic fish; they're hardy, they're attractive, they shoal and they're extremely active. If you're going to get them, get at least 6 and you shouldn't have any problems with them in a community tank. As a bonus, they regularly engage in mock combat with one another and it seems to brighten their colors for a while.

Contributed by Chuck MacNaughton

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