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Puntius tetrazona
Tiger Barb, Sumatra Barb

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Photo Credit: Marcos Avila

We have 10 tiger barbs in with 4 long finned danios in a 120 L tank. Originally we had 10 barbs, 6 gouramis, and 6 long finned danios. The 5 gourami and 2 danios have been taken down by the barbs. They almost act like piranhas (attacking in school). We knew they were somewhat aggressive but did not expect this.

Contributed by James & Jenny

I now have the perfect fish tank. Right now I have a 200 L tank with an under gravel filter. The fish I have are 6 tiger barbs, 1 tire track eel, 1 weather loach, 1 baby powder blue gourami, 1 striped raphael cat, and 1 marble sailfin pleco. I myself have seen this tail nipping. The one thing is that the eel keeps the barbs in line.

Contributed by (no name given)

I have one Tiger Barb, one Green Tiger Barb and one Red Tiger Barb. I have had them for about two months now. And man they are awesome fish, and like other coments they are almost like Piranhas by attacking new members in a school. I've had a Borneo Sucker, a Figure Eight Puffer, a Fiddler Crab and even another regular Tiger Barb die of them attacking them when they were first introduced into the tank. (75 liters), so I bought a tank just for them and it is an Eclipse (75 liters) tank. And they love it. These fish were my first fish that I purchased for my new hobby of aquarium art. And I learned a lot from these little guys. Right now I'm 13 and maybe someday hope to be an "Aquarium Genius" Like some of you. But I have a lot to learn, so I better get to it. And I do suggest these for the beginner. But keep them in SCHOOLS of 3 or LARGER!

Contributed by Dick

I kept two Tiger Barbs in my community tank knowing they were semi-agressive. People had warned me about them but I hoped they would only nip at each other. The "Barbie Twins" as I jokingly dubbed them did very well. They were fun to watch and kept to themselves mostly. But one day I was out with my girlfriend and we saw a baby Tiger Barb and she fell in love with it. She insisted we get it. I caved even though I thought it was a bad idea. As soon as "Babyface" was put in with the others my barbs started to display gang-like behavior. They were ganging up and nipping at everyone in the tank. I dubbed them the Tank Terrors. After they sent a few of my nicer fish to that great freshwater tank in the sky, I decided to make the tank completely barb. Tiger Barbs, Albinos, Greens etc! Now at least the fights are even. The tank is a whole lot of fun to watch now. It is kinda like going to a bar and watching people pick fights.

Contributed by Ray Tejada

I have 6 of these dudes in my 200 L planted tank, and they are my favorite fish. The main thing I wanted to say is they love to get together and play with my 9 Zebra Danios, playing tag and fooling around. It is a treat for the eyes IŽll tell ya. They really love to play with my Red-Tailed Black Shark too, although Red will let them know when he's done playing (he is the man!) and the tigers will go about being clowns somewhere else in the tank. Simply GREAT fish to have.

Contributed by R. Jones

I have a tank of 1 meter. I have 5 striped and 4 green Barbus tetrazonas. And a lot of different fish in my tank. And I agree, they are totally 'not' agressive to other fish. And the beautiful about this fish is that they really stick together. They're a real group. And also their colours are wonderful, especially the most green. In my next tank I'm going to breed them. Also I have seen Albino, and 'Red' tetrazonas. And with these four I'm going to try to breed.

Contributed by Dirk-Jan Belle

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