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Herichthys cyanoguttatus (Cichlasoma cyanoguttatum)
Texas Cichlid, Rio Grande Cichlid

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Herichthys_cyanoguttatus_4.jpg (33kb)
Photo Credit: Ryan Randall

Name: Herichthys cyanoguttatus
Size TankpHTemp
Origin: Texas (USA), Mexico
30 cm 500 L 7.0 23C


I have a 200 liter tank and in it I have a full grown texas ciclid. Everything I have heard about these fish says that they are extremely vicious, but I have found that to be untrue in my case. My texas is living in harmony with a full grown jack dempsey, a group of tiger barbs, three clown loaches, a large sail fin pleco and a pair of cats. The jack and texas are inseparable, making it a wonderful tank to watch. The texas cichlid is very easy to look after, he has a lot of character and is incredibly colorful. I think the texas ciclid is a terrific addition to any large aquarium.

Contributed by Michael and Rhonda

I have had a Texas for about 4 years now. I have him in a 360 liter tank with five convicts and a pleco. He has quite the personality. He has more personality than my wife's cat. He bred with one of my convicts about three times before I gave her away...she was making him too mean. He is gentle to the other fish in the tank; however he has bitten me and my kids on several occasions while we were cleaning the tank. He also likes to attack any child's nose pressed up against the tank, which has made for many entertained people. All I can say is that these fish are very cool and a pleasure to raise.

Contributed by D. Mclean

I owned a Texas Cichlid in a 270 liter tank for about two and a half years. He would lock jaws and have tug-o-war matches with my Red Terror. This fish would eat just about anything (cichlid pellets, brine shrimp, blood worms, cichlid sticks, and of course feeder fish). In my opinion, the Texas Cichlid can easily hold its own against other similarly sized cichlids. I had mine in a tank with a red terror, albino tiger oscar, green terror, two tinfoil barbs, and a very large red snakehead. He would often pick on the slightly smaller green terror. This is a hardy fish that is pretty easy to raise. Currently, my texas cichlid, green terror, and tinfoil barbs are in a friend of mine's 470 liter tank. This is a very fun fish to raise.

Contributed by Brenda Thompson

I have owned a Texas cichlid for 3 years. He has never shown aggression towards any of his tank mates. In fact, he often acts like a peace keeper between other cichlids I have had in the my 200 liter tank. He is a beautiful fish, I regret to say that I am getting rid of, to make room for all African cichlids F1's from Lake Tanganyika. The Texas loves to spit gravel from behind rocks to make room for his own space, since he is nearly 30 cm long. He was a great addition to my tank, hate to see him go.

Contributed by Michael Jason Mullins

I've owned 2 of these guys and they were very interesting fish. They love digging in the gravel for food. I had to give these fish away because I had 4 green severums with them and the Texas cichlid would always beat on my severums. They also always ate the feeder fish, leaving the severums with nothing but fish flakes. Other than severums these fish can go with many other fish such as bala sharks, plecos and many types of cichlids.

Contributed by Jonathan Roumain

I work at the local pet store where I found my Texas, and decided he would be centerpiece for my new tank. Some say they are aggressive, and they were NOT joking. He killed all of my smaller cichlids when he was only 6 cm, leaving only the Bala Shark and Spotted Hypostomus in peace, even though both were smaller. He is quite shy, even though I've had him for several months (he's now 10 cm). The Tex is very strong, which I found out one day when I walked into my room to find his favorite cover (an old plastic cave) hovering halfway up from the bottom with him pushing it around! He is a very aggressive eater and makes feeding a great show as he constantly challenges the strength of the screen I installed to keep him from making "the big leap" on accident.

Contributed by Scott Moser

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