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Neolamprologus tetracanthus
Pearl-Lined Lamprologus

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tetracanthus1.jpg (22kb)
Photo Credit: Owen Thistle

Name: Neolamprologus tetracanthus
Size TankpHTemp
Origin: Lake Tanganyika (Africa)
19 cm 200 L 8.0 28C


This is a relatively common and inexpensive Tanganyikan cichlid, but was a worthwhile addition to my tank. They do grow quickly to a reasonably big size, and recently my male has been commandeering more than his share of my 120 gal tank -- driving my Frontosa from his long-established territory and removing almost all of the gravel from one end of the tank. The tank-mates seem to have adapted, but hopefully the Tetracanthus will settle down after siring an impending brood of offspring.

Contributed by Owen Thistle

This is an awesome fish, which I found inexpensive. They have the tendency of growing fast. It marks the possession where it decides to maintain its territory by removing all the gravel of that particular area. It could prove an awesome addition to your tank.

Contributed by Adrian Sandler

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