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Aequidens rivulatus
Green Terror

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Photo Credit: Gani Ganac

I have a pair of GT's that just now have their first bach of fry. Yes, very protective, but as long as the other fish stay away, no problems. I have them in with other fish that have learned to stay out their way. I have done a lot of research and my own GT's are not as aggressive as what I have read. I find that every fish seems to have their own personality. It also helps to have enough room, it helps stop the wars. My male GT seems to only really pick on my Jack. I hope other people get as much enjoyment from their fish as I do. The Green Terror has personality plus.

Contributed by Wendy Hudson

I’ve had my Green Terror for a total of five years. If taken proper care of they are very hardy fish. I love my terror (Andy Warhol), when I first got him he was intimidated by the other fish in the tank. As he grew he took charge and killed the Firemouth that had so often caused him to find refuge amid the plastic plants. They are amusing, very entertaining, and over time they develop a unique and distinct personality. Andy responds to everything around him - from turning on the light to simply walking by, he’s always tapping the glass right in front of you, ready to say “Hello”. He lives alone now in his tank and has grown to be 21-22 cm long. I would highly recommend this fish to anyone!

Contributed by Ashlee Gee

I recently just lost my Green Terror. I had him for about 9 years. He started off very peaceful, but as other fish died off, and as he eventually grew to about 18 cm or so, he became the only fish in the tank for a while and VERY VERY aggressive. I tried to indroduce some oscars and jack dempseys, but had no luck. They lasted about a day before I had to return them, because they were getting killed. He managed to live out his life with the only other fish that he could not kill, a large spotted talking catfish, but that does not mean he didn't try. The catfish is covered with spikes and spines...many times my Green Terror has tried to attack the catfish and has received many punctures in his body, and several times to his eyes. He was a beautiful fish, but at times was aggressive enough to try and attack me through the glass. They are a nice fish, but from my experience you need to keep them socialized with other fish of equal temperament to avoid the territorial behavior issues.

Contributed by a visitor

I've recently just bred my Green Terrors. The male is about 8-10 cm and the female is about 5-6 cm. The female layed about 200 eggs on a flat rock. I keep them in a 240 L tank. The male is full of color and personality. When they breed the male doesn't get very aggressive, but the female does. I now keep them with a single convict, the male green terror and him always fight and the green terror always smashes him, but the convict always comes back for more. I feed them Hikari gold pellets, Wardley pellets, blood worms and beef heart. I recommend these fish to anyone and they're not that hard to breed.

Contributed by Brock McCabe

I have a male GT in a 455 L tank. He's really a wonderful fish and real fun to watch him grow. When I got him, he was about 1.5 cm long. In about 4 years he has grown to 28 cm long. He is really aggressive, killed my 16 cm Jack Dempsey and my 32 cm long Tiger Oscar. I was thinking of getting rid of him, but he's such an awesome fish I couldn't. I love him and his name is Salad because he reminds me of a healthy diet.

Contributed by Cody Rhoden

I have a female 10 cm Green-T with white edges on the tail and dorsal fins, and a male 25 cm Green-T with orange edges. As soon as I put the male in the tank he started breaking it down doing the "wiggle". The guys at my LFS were curious to what the fry would look like, as I was too. The first batch of fry started disappearing when my Convict fry hatched, but they did get large enough for me to see that they were orange like their father. I then put the Terrors in a tank by themselves and within two weeks I had fry again. I really love the Green-T and plan on raising these fry to a size I can sell. Fish stores generally will purchase fry when they are at least 3 cm. I already know I will get $4 for each baby and I have over 100 at least.

Contributed by David Morrow

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