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Aequidens rivulatus
Green Terror

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Photo Credit: Raymond Tan

I have an ALBINO green terror, approximately 23 cm. I've had him for 3 1/2 years in a 140 liter tank. He is extremely aggressive, having killed about everything I've put in the tank: 2 jack dempseys, a rainbow cichlid, 2 pleco's, one 7 cm convict when he was only 5 cm, one 9 cm convict a couple of months later. He's letting some small convicts alone right now but I think that's because he doesn't like the taste. Any fish that he lets live will get no second chances if they show any aggression towards him though. I love this fish, I just wish he would quit drawing blood every time I put my hand in the tank! I agree with the comments about responsiveness and personallity too.

Contributed by Phillip Baskins

I too have 2 gold saum`s, or that was until last week...I now have 52, ooops...Suffice to say I let the temperature get a little bit too warm, in the spell of gorgeous weather we had, a couple of weeks ago. In my experience of terrors, you do need to consider very carefully which other species (if any) are going to be entered into the community. It certainly is not as easy as creating a cichlid tank, as terrors do not get on with a great number of these fish, as my Parrot fish discovered. I have mine in a 320 liter tank with three 13 cm Pictus Pims, one 28 cm Sailfin Pleco, on other pleco of which I have not discovered the true genre yet, and one 15 cm Angel Cat (Synodontis angelicus). I have no problems at all in this community. I would certainly recommend these species to anyone who has had a couple of years experience, but certainly not to a pure beginner. In case you were wondering, the Parrot fish is alive and well in one of my other 3 community tanks.

Contributed by Darren Ellis

I recently purchased a green terror. This fish is so aggressive! I couldn't believe it. But giving the fish her due, she is very pretty. Her bright colors are amazing. She tears apart the tank, and I even woke up to her jumping out of the tank because she was hungry and my boyfriend left for work and didn't feed her before he left. Luckily, I heard the fish jump out of the tank, and I was able to rescue her. I hope this is a fish that will stick around for a long time to come.

Contributed by Kristin

I have four green terrors, three females and one male, who has a huge hump on his head and is the most colourful fish in the tank. Today, I found one of my smaller females being very aggressive. Studying the tank closely I found she was guarding her eggs from the greedy catfish and plecos.

Contributed by (no name given)

I had a breeding pair and got three batches of fry. We still have 20 left and they are getting along quit well with a blood parrot. It is one of the most beautiful and interesting fish I have owned. The male of the breeding pair could be feed by hand and he would wiggle when you got near the tank during feeding time. I have lost my breeding pair and miss them. This is a fish with a great personality and would recommend it to anyone loving tropical fish.

Contributed by Robert Everard

I started this hobby with Green Terrors. I bought two of those, but unfortunately, the other one died and I didn't know why. I took care of the fish which survived. Then after a few weeks, I bought another Green Terror. When I placed it in my tank, I was surprised when I saw my first Green Terror move so fast. I thought he was excited for his new neighbor, but later I realized that he was already torturing it! So that's why the fish I bought with him died quickly. But I never had regrets of having him. Because I think that he is so smart. Whenever I pass by the tank, he always chases me. And everytime I stare at him with my face in front of the tank, he just can't control himself. And that's the reason why he is my best fish.

Contributed by Ambi Salao

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