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Aequidens rivulatus
Green Terror

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Photo Credit: Alexandre Ludwig

I have a 300 L tank with a green terror, two jack dempseys, a mana, and a firemouth. I'm getting ready to add a Severum. But my green terror makes life so hard for the mana and the firemouth, not to mention he has already killed my young oscar. He's about 13 cm long and beautiful. He (male) is very aggressive, but he is my favorite.

Contributed by Gary

I have a Green Terror which is about 15 cm long, living in a 200 L tank with a 20 cm Managuan, a 15 cm Severum, a 10 cm Carpinte, a 10 cm Salvini, and a 10 cm Convict. I have kept Green Terrors before but this is the first time I was able to grow one up to a good size. As a result, expecting him to get killed, I paid little attention to him at first. But over time he began to grow on me, I agree with the other poster that these fish are very owner responsive. I sometimes wonder if he has trained me or vice versa, every time I walk through the room he is wagging and snapping at the glass with such enthusiasm I always want to feed him. I wonder if they can be trained? I would like to breed some too but I donīt know how to sex them and donīt have any small ones at the moment. Overall this Green Terror gets along very well, surviving the aggressions of the Managuan and the Severum without being too aggressive himself. I really like this fish.

Contributed by Jeanry Chandler

I have to agree with you all. I have a breeding pair of Green Terrors, a beautiful female and a rather large but equally beautiful male. They breed like rabbits. I also have two Black Bellied Pacus, two Jack Dempseys, a Firemouth and a Red Devil. The male is like a Pitbull, he never backs off from the other fish and has even killed a Texas Cichlid. These are the best fish in my opinion, very beautiful. I feed mine shrimp pellets, which makes them grow 5 times faster than with out it.

Contributed by David Howard

I have 5 Green Terrors with 12-15 Convicts (in a monster tank). The Terrors are all between 8 & 15 cm long and the Convicts are on average 10 cm long, and they get on fine. Anyway, I just want to say that my Terrors are the lights of my life.

Contributed by Rob Navin

My Green Terror is a full grown male that is the absolute king of the 370 liter tank. He's maimed a Jack Dempsey, eaten a few fish that shouldnīt have been in the Cichlid tank, and has killed three Oscars, but I love him because I've never seen such personality in a fish. I recommend them.

Contributed by (no name given)

I also have a breeding pair of green terrors, Killer and Susie. While they were breeding they killed two jack demseys, a 30 cm texas cichlid, and a 20 cm red devil. I suggest if you are trying to breed them that you give them a 350 L breeding tank. Do not try to breed them in a community tank as they will kill all the other fish in the tank. These fish are definitely one of my favorite.

Contributed by Bernardette Anthon

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