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Tanichthys albonubes
White Cloud Mountain Minnow, WCMM

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Photo Credit: E. T. Lee

My White Clouds have been doing rather well outside, handling our climate at least as well as Gold Fish, but I cannot sure if they would be as tough very cold climes. For the benefit of interested readers, our climate experiences clear winter nights of around 0°C, which warms up significantly towards mid-day (15-20°C). The pond is rather shallow, about 40 cm, so the fish have been exposed to fluctuations in temperature. After 2 years, at least 5 of the original 6 are still alive.

Contributed by Wim Kotzé

I have white clouds...very pretty and gentle fish. They kinda remind me of the zebra dianos. I recommend to first timers or any who loves fish. They eat flakes, live foods, frozen worms. Easy to care of.

Contributed by Robert Hinkson

White clouds are by far the most pleasant, hardy fish. Mine only lay eggs every month or so. The fry are very easy to take care of because they eat almost anything they can. They are great for beginners and are very active. They also are compatible with most other fish.

Contributed by Randy Baker

These fish are quite funny to me because all that I have actually used them for is feeding to my cichlids. But there was one time when my cichlid did not eat one and got attached to it. That is when I got to actually know them. They are quite interesting fish to watch and mine just ate the mess that my cichlid made. They are a perfect fish for any beginner that wants a fish that is easy to keep. This might be the easiest fish ever lol.

Contributed by John Macmillan

I think white clouds are plain but pretty fish. They are a good fish to cycle a small tank. They are extremely easy to care for, and will eat anything you feed them. They do like low temperatures, but can adapt to higher temperatures. The long-finned variety is very pretty, but I have not had a chance to purchase some...yet. I recommend this fish for beginners, forget those guppies and mollies who overpopulate your aquarium! Also, they are an inexpensive fish (79 cents in most places where I live).

Contributed by Amber

I purchased 4 minnows 3 weeks ago to eat mosquito larvae in a water garden in a large pot on my deck outside (it is Summer here in NZ) in which I am growing a lotus plant. There is approx. 20 cm water and when I went to check on them, I was astonished to discover a large quantity of fry. Couldn't believe my eyes! They have been fed flakes and trout pellets, as are my goldfish in a large pond, but have received no other attention whatsoever. What amazing little fish they are.

Contributed by Margaret May

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