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Tanichthys albonubes
White Cloud Mountain Minnow, WCMM

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Photo Credit: Ophie

I've got 5 males and a female in perfect health in a tank with 3 fancy goldfish and a hillstream loach. I wanted to try breeding them, so I put the female and the 2 liveliest males in an unheated 25 L tank with loads of Elodea, some fake cabomba, and a cave. Immediately the 2 males began fighting to the point that the weaker of the males retreated to the cave. This took about a day and I returned the spurned male to its old tank. On a diet of live bloodworms and brine shrimp and frozen tubifex worms, in small amounts throughout the day, the female bloated within 3 days. Up until this point she'd refused any advances from the male, but on the fourth day they began patrolling the tank as an inseparable couple. On the fourth day I saw them spawning in the plants, just above the substrate. They seem to prefer the fake cabomba with soft, fine leaves, and I saw them spawn then rest together, then spawn again for several hours. On the fifth day I noticed eggs on the substrate. I was able to count 10 eggs. At this point I removed the parents. After a day I could see the eggs wriggling and after 2 days I saw them hatch. I then saw nothing for 2 days as the emerging fry are tiny and completely transparent. After 2 days from hatching I noticed 5 fry stuck to the glass and began feeding liquifry. It's now 2 days later and I've counted 30 fry on the glass and hanging from the plants. They don't swim yet, but each time I check them they're all in a different location. I can now make them out clearly. They look like transparent tiny tadpoles with a triangle of black dots, the eyes and heart I reckon. This triangle pattern almost looks like a face! I intend to feed liquifry for a few more days until my infusoria is ready. As soon as they are free swimming I'm going to try baby brine shrimp and live daphnia. This has been my first breeding attempt and I'm over the moon, still a long way to go yet though. Hopefully it'll continue as well as it has so far and they'll reach adulthood. These really are a great fish and very rewarding if you feed them plenty of live and frozen food to bring out their colours and confidence.

Contributed by Peter Keightley

The white cloud is by far my favourite fish. It is colourful, cheap, ideal for beginners and very peaceful. Because of our climate I keep them outdoors most of the year where their colour is greatly enchanced with the live foods available. I greatly recommend it.

Contributed by Malcolm

For people who want a little "action" for those tiny aquarium kits, White Clouds are the best. I have sucessfully kept a trio of these lovelies with a Betta in an 8 liter hexagonal tank. Of course, you want to put plenty of plastic plants in there so the minnows can dart away and evade the Betta's sometimes territorial imperative. Once they got used to each other, no other aggression was seen, nor did I see any fin nipping on the part of the White Clouds. I did also make sure my White Cloud trio consisted of one male and two females. The males are just beautiful when they reach full coloration! Another thing to note...don't overpopulate. Those 4 or 8 liter kits will not handle six or seven White Clouds unless you are really well up on your maintenance. Nor will those fish be very happy if every time the turned around they bumped into a tankmate. I know it is tempting, but please, try and resist.

Contributed by Nicole Carucci

These cute little fish need to be kept in a school of 6 or more, or else I have found they aren't very happy. This also helps keep them entertained. They can be kept in colder water, but I have them in a 25-28C aquarium, and they are more active that way.

Contributed by Cali

White clouds are fantastic when setting up your tank for the first time. Although they do prefer cooler water they survive really well in a community tank. When I first started keeping fish I bought some goldfish and a few white clouds, needless to say all the goldfish died and I was left with my 4 white clouds to practice with, I discovered that they would survive in a tropical tank and began setting it up, they survived that too and outlived all of my errors in judgement. If you are starting up a tank for the first time I really would racomend a few of these hardy little fish, but always make sure that they have plenty of room to dart about.

Contributed by Nessa Herbert

I have my white clouds in a tropical community tank and they seem to do well. They tend to school with my Neon Tetras and I just love to see them get along. It's my first tank and I would recommend these little guys to anybody.

Contributed by Cory Hermann

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