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Photo Credit: Marcos Avila

This is really a great fish. I bought 2 pairs of these off the shelf at a local pet store.They seem to get along pretty well with other fishes in my tank, which include other normal swordtails and black mollies along with 2 angels. One thing I noticed about these fishes is that on feeding worms regularly (2-3 times a day) their sword tail grew much larger as well as their body when compared to my other normal swordtails which were also fed similarly. Overall, these are great fishes which mind their own business and do not bother to fin nip or to fight with the other members of the tank.

Contributed by Maurya HN

I had a lot of success breeding and raising swordtails in my 260 L community tank by piling rocks (of varying sizes) at either end of the tank. I found more babies survived predation this way than when relying mainly on plants.

Contributed by Steve Cutuli

I've had an orange and black male swordtail for about 15 months now and he is probably my favorite fish in that tank. He is definitely the most active. He tries to breed with the female guppy a lot though, but she doesn't seem interested. His tail is now longer than he is. He is always the first to feed and now I can get him to eat flakes from my fingers. Don't add tiger barbs though! They eat his sword away! I did that a while ago with my other swordtail (that died) and they ate his sword to nothing. He was completely orange so without his sword he looked like a goldfish. They swim all over the place and really add great appeal to my tank.

Contributed by Danny Kucera

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