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Botia striata
Zebra Loach

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Botia_striata_2.jpg (20kb)
Photo Credit: Contributed by Miguel Agullo

Name: Botia striata
Size TankpHTemp
Origin: India
10 cm 80 L 7.0 24C


I only have one of these little guys. He hangs out with my clown loaches,rainbow shark and catfish. All together they are a lot of fun. I had snails in my tank and thanks to this funny little guy I no longer have snails. If you have snails I highly recommend the zebra and clown loaches. You will be snail free!

Contributed by Mark Bailey

I have one of them in my tank and it seems to like the rest of the fish. Even though I am a beginner I have kept one alive for about a month. I highly recommend this fish because it seems easy to take care of and requires low maintenance. They are scavengers like my Thai Crab (they will eat anything).

Contributed by (no name given)

These are great little Loaches. Be careful if you add in a community tank, they can get nippy. I have 3. As with most Loaches they love to school around. Mine seem to love to hide out in the piece of driftwood I keep in my tank. All you see is a little head poking out at you. Very personable fish, once they recognize you as the "food" source, they come out to greet you. Lots of fun, I would highly recommend these Loaches.

Contributed by Mango

I have three of these fantastic little loaches. Two of them gave me quite a fright and disappeared completely during their first few days in the tank. When there was no sign of them at two feeding times we stripped the tank of all its decor, searching the bogwood and the gravel, and even the filter for their bodies, to prevent polluting the rest of the tank. Not a sausage. We gave up, and went to bed. The next morning all three were happily swimming around with the rest of the community! They make audible clicking sounds, which I thought was only a clown loach trick, and peep over the top of rocks and wood. My tank is free from snails, all my plants are intact, and even my checker barbs seem to enjoy the candy-striped loaches company.

Contributed by Lizzie Pullen

These Loaches are good to have. I have one also, with two other orangefin loaches. I enjoy having this fish, it goes well with cichlids. This little guy always plays dead, but now I know he is just relaxing.

Contributed by Nathan Charles

These are small and active loaches that will suit any community tank. They stay under 10 cm and like the company of their own (3+ in one tank). Either if it's a small tank with a couple of neons or a big 1000 liter community tank, put these guys in. If you've got aggressive fish I'd leave them at the store though. Very beautiful and quite pricey for such a small fish (about $5).

Contributed by Kevin

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