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Pseudotropheus socolofi
Powder Blue Cichlid, Pindani

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Photos & Comments

Pseudotropheus_socolofi_4.jpg (24kb)
Photo Credit: Lucas Bois

I have a family of seven Pseudotropheus socolofi, two are originals from the pet store and five are offspring. The babies are still very small, as my female just spit them out about a week ago. There were five to ten casualties. I was impressed to have them breed, as it was spontaneous and it was very easy with the right provisions. I kept the pH at a constant 7.8 and the water at 27C, the male took over a terra-cotta pot and then enticed the female in to breed. I watched as she would scoop an egg into her mouth then peck at the males egg spot as he then released the milt into her mouth. I removed the female to her own tank with the brood, then after she released them I put her back with my two electric yellow labs and two P. lombardoi. The Socolofi dominates all of my other species and are the most beautiful in my tank. They are very powdery and shiny blue with bright yellow egg spots and jet black dorsals, the female is about 6-7 cm while the male is 8-10 cm. Socolofi are excellent Malawi specimen for any Mbuna tank, I highly recommend!

Contributed by Tim Kuzan

I as well have one of these beautiful Pseudotropheus socolofi. I find mine to be very aggressive. I was told that when a fish has yellow dots on the anal fin it is likely a male, however in my case it is not true. My fish has been trying to incubate eggs for about a year now, with little success, considering she kills every male I put in the tank. It is hard to find a male of the same species that is as large and aggressive as her. I keep her in a 200 L with a pleco, two botia's and a Labidochromis caeruleus. I call her James after my boyfriend, when at the time of naming I though she was a he.

Contributed by Lanae Hogan

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