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Photo Credit: Shayla Thistle

We have 3 Severums about 20 cm. They are 7 years old. We've had 2 die of old age. They are kept in a 200 liter tank with a 21 cm Black Shark, 24 cm Pleco, and two 7 cm Bala Sharks. We also have six 3 cm Severums in a 110 liter hex, with a Spotted Raphael, waiting for my 380 liter tank to be set up for them. These are the best fish in the hobby. I recommend Severums for anyone.

Contributed by Thomas Oswald

We are so glad to have found this site, we have been looking for a site on severums for days. We can't agree more about severums being addicting, we've had 1 gold "sunny" for about 4 years and another for 2 years "whitey". They are so personable we can feed them by hand, and stroke them. I don't think they are a pair but there inseparable. We've noticed small fish disappear occasionally too. Sunny LIKES to eat and will push food against the glass to get it in his mouth. He is 21 cm and Whitey is 17 cm. We also have a Blood Parrot "Jimmy". They've all just moved to a new 280 L tank. We're looking foreward to getting more!

Contributed by (no name given)

I love severums! My dad has 3 big ones in his 470 liter tank, and they have always been favorites of his. He has 2 turquoise (pair) and 1 gold. They are the owners of the tank now that our huge arowana is dead. But they always eat their eggs after spawning. My dad says they are the only severums he's had that are terrible parents. But they are gonna try again so we'll see. Anyway, earlier this year I found 2 turquoise severums in a store and just had to get them. They are terrific, and beautiful, but I'm not quite sure if they're a pair, one has long pointed dorsal and anal, and the other has more rounded fins. I think this is a sign of male and female but they don't seem to want to spawn. I recently raised the temperature of the tank to around 26C to see if they'll spawn, hopefully they will.

Contributed by Scott Finlay

I have been breeding Sevs for about 4 years now (since I was 10) and think that they are the greatest fish in the world. I have a 1300 L tank (separated into different sections) made by myself which also hosts other species. To breed severums (I breed green), I just simply raise the Temp to about 27.5C and that's all, besides adding some plants which are now permanent. They spawn regulary and are great parents who protect their young from other cichlids (mainly Geophagus) and Archers who don't really seem to bother them now. My breeding pair are about 14 cm long and are my little babies.

Contributed by Ryan Beall

I had the most beautiful pair of gold severums, Jack and Jill, that I purchased when they were the size of quarters. Jill lived to be 9 years old, and I lost Jack suddenly at the age of 12 last spring. I sadly stared at my empty 200 liter tank until I finally purchased two nickel size severums last spring named Rae and Vince (being a Baltimore Ravens fan!). After one year they are huge and they lay eggs which never hatch. They are not as sweet as Jack and Jill were, and do not have the personality. I have had many types of fish, but have learned I get much more enjoyment with lower maintenance when only keeping a pair of severums at a time in my tank.

Contributed by Judy Coll

We have a beautiful gold severum about a year old. Wow, this fish has grown fast. This fish has the greatest personality. We love him so much we went out and bought a nice little green severum. What an awesome pair they make!

Contributed by John Hawes

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