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Puntius sachsii
Gold Barb, Goldfinned Barbs

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Photo Credit: Antonio Vaz

I have 2 gold barbs in my 40 L tank. These fishes are nice and can be taken care of easily. This is a complete beginner fish and can survive in any water coinditions. Sometimes mine chases tiger barbs instead of tigers chasing the gold barbs. Gold barbs are really quick in eating food. These fish eat a lot and become fat, so don't overfeed them.

Contributed by Shazz

I have six gold barbs myself and they are my favorite fish in the tank. They have doubled in size since I purchased them about 4 months ago. They are extremely entertaining fish that are the first to alert their tankmates when I get home. They are pigs and should be housed with aggressive eaters, such as rainbowfish or other barbs.

Contributed by Andrew Allen

I have 4 of these in a 75 L tank. They are in there peacefully living with 20 Glowlight Tetras, 1 large Speckled Cory and 3 Blue Rams. It's a crowded tank, but these fish have never been as aggressive as I have heard. Only the one female has ever been aggressive, and it was towards a non-barb - an Albino Cory that she picked the eyes out of! Believe it or not, that Cory lived and is doing well in my Koi pond! They get into lots of little mock battles with each other, but they never harm each other. As they have grown they have developed REALLY red fins.

Contributed by Tatsu Oyama

I currently have 3 golden barbs in my 120 liter tank and I love them. I keep them with two rainbows and a neon black tetra. They are extremely hardy and my oldest has developed a sort of three striped body. They have orange, yellow and black coloring that makes them a stunning feature, bordering the cool colors of my rainbows. I would definitely recommend these fish to any hobbyist for their colors and personality. I also find that their mating behavior does have a strange correlation to the cycles of the moon, because I have witnessed it. Although I only have three, I'll probably get more seeing as how they are community fish.

Contributed by Ivan Vojvodic

I have 4 gold barbs in my tank. They are very hardy fish. I have kept these fishes in one of my tanks which is a 220 L planted aquarium. They are very peaceful and tend to swim in groups. I have kept them with 4 discus, 2 angelfish and a few more small fishes. They usually swim near plants. They eat all discus bits, bloodworms. They show bright colours when kept in well maintained planted tanks. It is a good addition for all planted tanks!

Contributed by Sarvesh Sawant

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