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Puntius sachsii
Gold Barb, Goldfinned Barbs

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Puntius_sachsii_3.jpg (40kb)
Photo Credit: Steve Mak

Name: Puntius sachsii
Size TankpHTemp
Origin: Southeast Asia
8 cm 100 L 7.0 26C


These fish are excellent beginner's fish. They are very hardy and will easily survive through most water quality problems. They can be quick and aggressive eaters at feeding time, so care has to be taken that all fish have enough food to eat, but that can be accounted for by monitoring the amount of time that food is present in the tank. Because they have not been commercially over-bread like so many other popular hardy breeds like danios, they have retained a great deal of their natural instinct. They still retain their mating coloring and behavior (one person has claimed that it can still be predicted by the cycle of the moon). This is when they are most interesting to watch. The males with their green tinted sheen and orange-red colored bellies court the females. To enjoy this behavior, it is necessary to have at least 6 of these fish...I have 10. Very few of the readily available, hardy breeds of fish will actually school in an aquarium setting - this is one of them.

Contributed by Dan Hogan

I have 3 gold barbs in a 110 L with 13 various tetras and they are very peaceful. Dan is absolutely correct about the feeding behavior. The 2 females are incredible eaters (no offence, ladies) and in order to get enough food to the tetras, I have to overfeed them. From the front they are shaped like a submarine. They are so big, beautiful and hardy.

Contributed by Kevin McCluskey

These are my absolute favorite Barbs. I have them in a 100 L planted all-Barb tank (4 Rosies, 5 Cherries, 4 Tigers and then the 4 Gold barbs). These fish are a little more difficult to sex than other barbs. The males are usually smaller than the females, but have more of the black pattern. The female is much rounder and heavier. With mature Gold Barbs they should not be too difficult to sex. These are the least aggressive barbs in my tank. Except when it comes to feeding. These fish are little pigs. I feed mine a variety of flake, tubifex, frozen brine shrimp and beefheart, and shrimp pellets. Right now mine are about 5 cm and I've had them for 5 months. These fish are very hardy, and have lived through many newbie mistakes. They have nice color also, but I find that they don't look nearly as good in the store. Mine are a fiery yellow with bright orange fins with green specks on their sides and they look great. I have found these fish to be really active and are constantly chasing each other around. It is really fun to watch. I have found them swimming in an almost vertical position before. It really scared me the first time I saw it, but now I'm used to it. Mine mostly inhabit the middle to bottom parts of the tank. These fish are perfect community fish.

Contributed by Corey Bradley

I have had a gold barb for over 4 and a half years, and I'm only making this next comment because I want to say how hardy these fish are, not because I'm proud of it: I bought 4 gold barbs as my cycle fish when I first bought my 40 liter tank. The 4 fish lived together and didn't die for 3 years, then slowly they started to die one by one. I thought they all would die, but one survived, I started to neglect the tank, figuring the last sole survivor would die eventually. I stopped running the water pump and feeding the fish. My mother would come by like once every 2 weeks or something and drop food in. Algae ran rampant and the water was basically stagnant, getting to temperatures below 20C. No heater or anything. This fish lived for about 3 months like that. I decided I needed to clean up the tank I have done so now and this fish is still thriving more happy then ever. Now he lives and dominates the tank with 3 puffers and a chinese algae eater, this fish is perfect for beginners or kids, very resilient.

Contributed by Kevin Frank

I have had 2 gold barbs for a little while now and they are by far my favorite fish. They are very hardy and are not at all picky about food. I have them in a 40 liter tank with a glo-lite tetra, t-barb, and a ruby barb. As all of my barbs, they are just pigs. They are very owner responsive and have gained a lot of color over a little period of time, when they were in the store they were just yellow and golden but over time they have gotten to a sort of goldenrod-orange. Overall, I would reccomend this fish as a very good beginner's fish.

Contributed by Mark Edmund

I have had 3 gold barbs in my 34 litre tank for 6-8 months and they are a great fish. They are very peaceful and don't chase the other fish away. But I have had some problems with them being chased by my 2 zebra danios and molly. I think the molly is attacking them because of the similir colour. I have 2 females and they have huge stomachs. My male hasn't grown as much as the females, but he's still healthy. I think they're a great fish and that you should have at least 3 or more in your tank.

Contributed by Shane Rae

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