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Puntius conchonius
Rosy Barb

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Photo Credit: Tomylee

Right now I have 4 males. The females are silver and the males are red. I've bred them about 6 times. Each female had 8-10 babies. You have to get the babies as soon as they are born because the parents will eat them. You need need 2 or 3 females for every male. The babies are easy to spot.

Contributed by Les Johnson

I adore Rosy Barbs! I have two males and 5 females, plus a school of White Clouds and some Goldfish in an unheated tank. The Barbs are very active, they eat everything I give them (even household scraps, like cheese and oatmeal). They are very hardy and easy to care for. The males and females are equally beautiful. They interact very well with other species as well as with each other. I highly recommend this species.

Contributed by Nelson Alger

I was bought a pair of rosy barbs for my birthday last year, shortly after taking up tropical fishkeeping. For an absolute beginner, I had no problem breeding them and got over 50 fry at my first attempt! The parents will eat the eggs if you don't remove them soon after they have been laid, and to give as much chance to the eggs as possible, a layer of smooth stones or marbles in the breeding tank will give them enough cover. Fry hatch within a few days and I started feeding them with liquid fry food, then once they were about the size of a grain of rice, I moved onto well ground up ordinary flake food. With so many, it is inevitable that some will grow faster than others so I separated the smaller, weaker ones periodically so they could develop at their own pace. They are now about 3 months old and still don't show much colour yet, but I'm told this should begin after about 6 months. The parents seem to get on fairly well with the rest of my community tank which includes Tiger Barbs, Silver Bala Sharks, Clown Loaches, White Cloud Mountain Minnows, Blue and Golden Gouramis and some cichlids!

Contributed by David Atkins

A word of warning, as playful and fun as they are, at the end of the day they are still barbs. I learned the hard way when I added two young silver dollars to my community tank. The rainbows and congo tetras could cope with their occasional pestering but within two days the dollars were dead. I have been told since that rosys will pay particular attention to fish of a similar size and shape. The dollars, being 5 cm were very similar and got kicked around badly. In a word - caution.

Contributed by Lee Richardson

I had a terrible case of Hair Algae in one of my 40 L tanks. Instead of a chemical, I decided to try and look for something that actually would eat the algae. As a new aquarium enthusiast, I thought "Well, what the heck, I'll try it." I bought two Rosies (5 cm long each) and put them in. About 2 weeks later the Rosies had trimmed the Hair Algae down to a fine fuzz on the plants. And now nearly 8 months later, they still are doing a great job. The algae is green/black color on some of the older leaves. Their behavior with each other is amazing, they look like two sharks when they flare their fins fighting. Nothing really ever comes of it though. The 2 Rosies live happily with 4 cories, 1 gold barb, 2 black skirts, 2 rasboras, and an 8 cm algae eater. They've lived that way without any deaths or diseases for a long, long time with minimal maintenance. In the end, AMAZING FISH!

Contributed by Benjamin Walker

I have 6 rosy barbs, 3 blood parrot cichlids and an angel fish! The rosy barbs are a really nice addition to the tank, because there is a lot of movement. The BP's have their own territories, but the barbs have learnt where not to go! Occasionally a BP might chase a barb, but only for about 10 cm because the barbs are so much faster! All in all the fish get along well. ALL of the fish in my tank are incredibly fast when it comes to food, so no one goes unfed.

Contributed by J

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