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Puntius conchonius
Rosy Barb

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Puntius_conchonius_2.jpg (34kb)
Puntius conchonius (longfin). Photo Credit: Mike

Name: Puntius conchonius
Size TankpHTemp
Origin: India, Bengal, Assam
15 cm 80 L 7.0 26°C


I finally got some Rosy Barbs for my tank. I find that they are quite peaceful yet at the same time they are assertive, nobody else in the community bothers them. They seem best as a group but they are more independent than Tetras. From a distance they look a lot like gold fish but up close they are more rich in colour I find. So far they are very hardy and among the first to compete for food. When they turn rosy red, they really turn red. All in all, a very beautiful and tactful fish to keep in the community.

Contributed by Curtis Watkins

I have a rosy barb in my 40 liter aquarium in my room. At first it was a very mellow fish, but it soon developed an attitude. It started chasing all of my other fish around. It even killed my pleco, which was twice its size. Now I only have a minnow in there with it because I am in the process of purchasing a larger aquarium, but they seem to get along fine!

Contributed by Gain Leam

I started a 100 liter tank and have two rosy barbs in there along with some cichlids. I have heard different things about mixing cichlids and tropical fish. Some fish store owners vehemently tell you to separate, while other tell you that rosy barbs will get along fine with other fish. I have had no problems with the rosy barbs interacting with the other fish. They actualy add a lot to my cichlid tank in that they are always on the move back and forth. They have a beautiful red and greenish color.

Contributed by (no name given)

When I put my first 4 fish in my 5 month old 100 liter community aquarium, they were four long finned rosy barbs. I noticed that there was a lot of fighting between the 4. There are 2 males and 2 females. 2 weeks later I put in 4 black phantom tetras. Amazingly there has been no more fighting between the 4 barbs, that I have seen. They now seem to get along just fine. They are hardy and always the first for food time. And they seem to get along with the phantom tetras just fine, even though the phantom tetras are a lot smaller than them. In my 5 months over all I think this is a great beginner fish.

Contributed by Corey Bradley

I got two rosy barbs. They are peaceful, except when I feed them. I got a 160 liter tank, and when I feed them they fight for their food. But they can´t really hurt anybody because they´re small.

Contributed by (no name given)

I have 5 rosy barbs and they are the craziest fish I've ever seen. They swim back and forth like mental patients. Unlike cichlids who seem to be very smart, rosy barbs don't seem to have a purpose in their swimming. They push around my sharks like nothing.

Contributed by Ryan Velasco

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