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Corydoras pygmaeus
Pygmy Cory Cat

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What's amazing to me about mine is that they haven't been eaten yet. I used to have four, but one disappeared. Never saw any foul play, nor a body, so I suppose it died of natural causes. I keep the three in with a dojo loach (13 cm) and a rainbow shark (13 cm), and the bigger fish don't even notice them. I've seen them school around the shark, who doesn't even touch them, despite his taste for smaller fish. Ugh. I'm hoping my local fish store gets a new shipment soon - I want more of them for my new tank.

Contributed by Yuki

I have twelve of them in an 80 L tank with a lot of plants and soft water, the temp is at 25C. Three weeks after I got them, when I open the canister filter for maintenance, I found some babies inside. I covered the filter intake and now I have babies and juveniles cruising my tank. Adults don't seem to bother them.

Contributed by Dionysios Bouboulis

These happy fish are excellent for any sort of aquarium, they don't mind about water conditions too much, don't mind if there aren't that many plants and are very active. They constantly hoover the floor for food, this must be fine gravel as any large gravel can harm this tiny fish's barbels. They like to school and love a varied diet of flake, live or frozen and green foods. They are brilliant to watch and keep.

Contributed by Danniel

I have had pygmy cories for well over a year now and they are fantastic. They swim around like little submarines in the mid to lower levels and perch on plants or on top of other fish. I currently keep them in a 40 liter with white cloud mountain minnows.

Contributed by LeAnne

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