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Tetraodon biocellatus
Figure 8 Pufferfish, Figure-Eight Puffers, Eyespot Pufferfish

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Photo Credit: Shawna

Name: Tetraodon biocellatus
Origin: Southeast Asia Freshwaters

Size Tank pH Temp
6 cm 60 L 7.0 24C


I've had these guys for several months. They're GREAT fish! When I first bought them, they hid all the time, and were very shy. After a few days, they would come out to play when I looked in the tank. Lots of personality and very responsive to their owners. They can be nippy, so I don't recommend keeping them with just anyone. In fact, mine are all alone. I don't even keep the Dwarf Puffs with them because of the possibility of the Dwarfs being bitten by the Figure 8's. There is some debate as to their adult size. Depending on your resource, they will reach a tad over 5 cm, or they will grow to 20 cm. For this reason, they should be kept in a decent sized tank in case they grow to the full 20 cm size. The two I have live by themselves in a 100 L tank. Even if they max at 8 cm in length, they will have PLENTY of room to live and be happy. And it's always better to UNDERSTOCK than to OVERSTOCK. There is also debate about whether or not these fish should be kept in fresh, brackish, or sometimes marine water. Because of the debate, my Figure 8's get fluctuating water. Sometimes brackish, sometimes fresh. They are easy to feed, and take to anything live or frozen readily. Just make sure it's a meaty food, and not flake or pelleted food. Brine shrimp, chopped beefheart, clam, mussel, krill, live ghost shrimp---any and all of these are relished by the Figure 8. If you're looking for something out of the ordinary, the Figure 8 puffer may be what you seek! :)

Contributed by Shawna

This is my favorite puffer! They are a FRESHWATER puffer not brackish. Though they can live happily in brackish as well as fresh. They are fun to watch, buzzing around the tank like bumble bees and are a great focal point in a tank, as whenever my friends/relatives look at my tank it's my puffer they always seem to like and talk about. They are also one of the most peaceful puffers, as well as the South American and Dwarf. I keep mine in a 110 liter with Cardinal Tetras, an Angel, Corys, Otos, Pleco, a Rainbow Shark, and Tiger Barbs. They eat frozen bloodworms, snails, shrips, squid, any household insects, earthworms and plants. I highly recommend this puffer, though keep them well fed, as when hungry they'll let you know by nipping their tank mates' fins.

Contributed by Corey Evelyn

I've had a Figure 8 for about two months with some tiger barbs and white clouds. The tank is only 45 liters and sparsely planted. I think that Figure 8's are less aggressive and more suitable for a community tank. It went after the barbs and clouds at first but couldn't catch them and now he doesn't bother anyone! Much nicer than the spotted puffer.

Contributed by Howard

I have 2 F-8 puffers named Moose the larger and Calamity the smaller. I've had them for about 3 months and feel that they are the most peaceful fish I own. I keep them in a 150 liter community tank with 2 bala sharks, 2 rainbow sharks, 6 tiger barbs, 4 tetras and a Kuhli loach. It's fun to watch them buzz around the tank investigating everything. feeding time is the best time as I can already get them to feed from my hand. With a combination of beauty and motion, they are a good investment for someone with time to care for them.

Contributed by Mike Hogge

I have a Figure 8 puffer living in a tank with a two angels, six penguin tetras, a sailfin pleco, a clown pleco, three tiger barbs and a siamese fighting fish. Quite a mix, I know, but there's harmony in there. The thing I've found is to keep them all well fed, and suck up any debris on the bottom so nothing rots. And they all seem to be doing okay with the water at 25 to 26C. I used to have a resident snail in there too - the puffer really enjoyed having him over for dinner one night!

Contributed by Neil Widish

I purchased several of these fish many months back. I currently have 470 liter marine aquarium with all of my figure 8 puffers completely alive and kicking in my aquarium with many of my marine fishes. I have found that the sizes of the puffers become slightly larger than they do if housed inside a fresh water aquarium, mine are about to 10 cm or so, and that the colors including those of their eyes become more astounding in their beauty.

Contributed by Thomas Wooldridge

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