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Tetraodon nigroviridis
Spotted Green Pufferfish, Green Spotted Puffer Fish, Even-Spotted Puffer, Round-Spotted Puffer

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Photo Credit: E. T. Lee

My Green-Spotted Puffer, Gooberfish (aka "Goober") shows significant signs of intelligence. Perhaps the most significant is his ability to understand and practice deception. Goober loves to eat live Ghost Shrimp, but isn't fast enough to catch them. When I add them to his tank, he swims toward them, then turns 180°, so his tail points toward the shrimp. He "waits" in this position, turning periodically to see whether the shrimp is still watching him; when he sees the shrimp heading in the other direction, he turns and siezes it from behind. Had I not witnessed this amazing scene on an almost daily basis, I'd never have believed it, but there it is: Goober seems to consciously "put one over" on his prey convincing it he's "not paying attention" until it lets down its guard, providing him with an easy catch.

Contributed by Susan Ross (Jinlong)

I have two of these Puffers living with two Snowflake Eels and a Ceylon Puffer in a 120 liter tank (temporary) although in a couple of months I will be getting them a new 450 liter. They are extremely curious fish and used to nip at my fingers during feeding, but now are familiar with me and anxiously float at the front of the tank when I enter the room. I find they are fairly easy to care for as long as you can keep up with their appetites and make sure you feed them healthy fish. I have had no problems with them bothering my eels but sometimes will steal a fish out of the eelīs mouth. I am very fond of my puffers and recommend them to any fish enthusiast. Although I probably wonīt get any more Green Puffers, I will be starting a marine puffer tank in about a month or so.

Contributed by Bryan Eggelton

I was browsing through at a pet store when I came across a tank of Green Puffers. I moved my hand toward the top of the tank to point out the fish to my girlfriend, when all of the sudden the Puffers all swarmed to my hand and jumped trying to bite me. These fish are rated R!

Contributed by Chad McMillen

These fish are evil. They look cute and friendly but will attack other fish, even largers ones. I kept a 13 cm Green Puffer with two Red Belly Piranhas and it nipped one of their fins. This shows how aggressive Puffers can be, so keep in mind if you like a fish, keep the Puffer out of its tank. It might get along with it, but if it doesnīt you will be upset.

Contributed by Clifford Chen

This is both a very beautiful and aggressive fish. Ideally kept in brackish conditions, these fish can also be kept in freshwater and even in marine setups. Extremely aggressive to its own kind and most other fish, these puffers are best kept alone. Feed them hard "shelled" foods like snails to keep their teeth trim. They will destroy almost any vegetation available to them but Anubias is a good plant to use as decor for these puffers, as it is quite tough.

Contributed by Daniel

My puffer is about 4 cm long. He is in a community tank that has the following fish in it: 1 African butterfly, 7 neon tetras, 1 otocinclus, 1 bubble bee goby, 1 yellow spiny eel, 1 small tire track eel, 1 glass cat fish, 5 kuhli loachs and one 8 cm red tail shark. All these fish have been living in a tank at work for about 6 months. The puffer and the Butterfly are fed daily (the other fish are feed 3 times a week). They both get sinking pellets. I break them into small chunks and they float on the surface. Whatever the Butterfly doesn't get the puffer will. I also stock the tank with 6 ghost shrimp a week. Between the T.T. eel and the puffer they are all gone by Friday. The puffer has never attacked any of my other fish. He has an awesome personality and will follow my finger outside the glass. We are working on taking food from my hand.

Contributed by Jeff Woods

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